Africa prepares for the World March

After leaving the 2 in October of 2019 in Madrid, the March will go to the South of Spain and arrive in the African continent, entering the 8 in October through the north of Morocco.

The African continent is preparing for the next World March for Peace and Nonviolence.

Several countries are already preparing to host the grassroots team that will highlight their initiatives

In West Africa


During our tours in March and May, several meetings were held:

In the eastern part in the University of Oujda and Fez with representatives of unions and associations.

In Casablanca, we met several representatives of associations and with students.

Presentation 2MM to the UGTM Trade Union - Morocco

Pending the realization of the initiatives, the main cities currently contemplated are Tangier, Casablanca and Tarfaya.

Fez and Agadir could be added to them.

Canary Islands

There are activities planned in Tenerife, Las Palmas and Lanzarote from the 15 to the 19 in October.

The 15 day at the University of La Laguna with a Forum or Encounter for education for peace.

The documentary will be screened in "The Principle of the End of Nuclear Weapons".

The October 16 will climb the peak of Teide (3.718 m.) To carry the flag of the 2ª World March.

The following days will be carried out activities focused on the educational and institutional field in Lanzarote and Las Palmas.


The joint work with members of MSGySV of Nouakchott facilitated meetings with representatives of institutions:

  • President of the National Human Rights Commission.
  • Pdte of the National Basketball Federation.
  • Director of Youth.
  • President of the Urban Community of Nouakchott.

All showed their support and commitment to the MM.

Also several associations of young people and committed personalities of the academic world and of Human Rights.

Members of the Nouakchott promoter team
As a result, the Nouakchott promoter team was formed, comprised of 6 collective representatives.

A group of WhatsApp Mauritania was created.

Promoter team meeting in Nouakchott - Mauritania

This team has already held 3 meetings and organized a first awareness-raising activity:

On the occasion of Ramadan, the realization of a Ftour (breaking of fasting) for nonviolence in a public space Arena.

Finally, in relation to the EB route, the route through Nouadhibou, Boulenouar, Nouakchott and Rosso is seen as a route.


In the course of our May tour, we had meetings with:

    • Representatives of a school with 3000 students and their director.
    • Members of the Federation of Soccer Schools.

Members of the Federation of Football Schools

    • A chorus.
    • Also a meeting with the leaders of the African Center for Human Rights Education, (which has already organized marches for women throughout the country).

Leaders of the African Center for Human Rights Education

All were enthusiastic and with images to prepare the ground for the 2MM.

A first coordination meeting has already taken place in which the following have been defined:

  • The October 2 activities such as film screenings about Gandhi or lectures.
  • From October 26 to November 1 different activities spread across different locations in the country and districts of Dakar.

The humanist collective Energy for Human Rights in the district of Pikine plans to hold a Forum.

A whatsapp 2M Sunugal group has been created.

It is hoped to expand opportunities in other cities such as Saint-Louis and Thiès.

Also activate the Casamance region considering the possibility of an adjacent route:

  • Ziguinchor
  • Bignona
  • Gambia
  • Kaolack
  • Dakar


We are in a promotion phase and picking up contacts with personalities and groups that supported the 1ª March.

New possibilities are also opening up.

The departure of the international base team that will lead the West African route will finally take place at the November 4 from Dakar to America.

Previously, a circuit with this calendar will be followed:

  • From 8 to October 14 Morocco.
  • 14 to 18 Canary Islands.
  • 19 to 24 Mauritania.
  • From the 24 to the November 4 Senegal.

In Central Africa

Benin and Togo

The promotion and mobilization committees are underway ...

And they maintain contact with organizations and private or state institutions of both countries

It is planned to launch a soccer tournament.

And also, prepare a recreational day in schools with messages of peace and principles of non-violent action.

Collaborations are being negotiated with:

  • The President of the RFI clubs of Benin.
  • The International Junior Chamber.
  • The Red Cross of Benin and other associations.


Contacts are being maintained with important groups of women and with the network of Mayors for Peace of Africa.

Ivory Coast

On October 2 in Abijan - Cocody an event is planned for the launch of the March.

The 15 of October in Bouaké, the center of the country, and the 28 of October in Korhogo, in the north of the country.

The November 1, an Ivorian delegation will travel to Dakar to welcome the base team.


Members of MSGetSV are trying to organize activities despite the economic difficulties and the current situation of social and political violence in the country.

Democratic Republic of Congo

The project is progressing slowly due to material difficulties.

The population in the cities of Lubumbashi, Likasi and Mbuji-Mayi has already been sensitized.

Above all, in the field of schools.

In Lubumbashi some pastors and musicians are seeing how to join the project.


A march and a conference for peace are scheduled in Abuja.

There is also the idea of ​​launching a park for peace and meditation in the city of Benin and a march in Lagos.

In East Africa

A team has been created in Mozambique to coordinate a new route.

It will last 31 days, from November 18 to December 20, through eight countries:

Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and South Africa, to continue towards Buenos Aires.

The idea is to organize a public event in each country.

In it, the different heads of state will be invited to publicly commit themselves to peace.

There is also the project to carry out the greatest human symbol of peace with 20.000 people in Chimoio

Another idea is to involve the airlines that transport the members of the March:

They could inform the passengers with the distribution of a leaflet of the 2MM.

In spite of the economic, social and political difficulties, each one of them tries to participate in the project.

So, if you want to collaborate and support these initiatives already underway, you can do so by facilitating contacts with people, personalities or NGO 's from the mentioned countries or from other countries through the following email address Africa2WM

Martine SICARD, Responsible for Africa coordination for the 2MM

For more information write to or visit the web:

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