74 Hiroshima bombing anniversary

On 6 and 8 on August, 1945 dropped two nuclear bombs in Japan.

On 6 and 8 on August, 1945 dropped two nuclear bombs in Japan, one on the population of Hiroshima, the other on that of Nagasaki.

Around 166.000 people died in Hiroshima and 80000 in Nagasaki, burned by the explosion.

Countless have been the deaths and side effects produced by the bombs in later years.

Countless those who are still manifesting.

In commemoration of these events and so that they are not repeated, in the 6 of August of each year, memorial events are held in many cities around the world.

Today, again, the need for the prohibition of nuclear weapons of all kinds is present

Some powerful people turn their backs on the needs of the people.

It seems that they intend to push back their people and the world to the worst moments of the cold war.

The US has abandoned the control and non-proliferation policies of nuclear weapons signed at the time of Ronald Reagan.

The 8 of December of 1987, Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev, signed the treaty of elimination of missiles of intermediate scope (INF).

Thanks to this treaty, 3000 mid-range atomic bombs were eliminated and helped control the growing tensions in Europe.

Trump unilaterally terminated the INF

Yesterday, Donald Trump unilaterally terminated that treaty for an alleged Russian breach.

The excuse: Russia is developing a missile, the Novator 9M729, which according to the US violates the treaty.

For its part, Moscow has explained that in February of this year it had already denounced the US for its search for excuses to get out of this treaty.

According to Moscow, Trump wants to develop specific missiles, which for example can reach Iran.

The US allies, members of NATO, join the new arms race.

They accuse Russia as guilty of the situation and support the unlimited arms development proposed by Trump.

However, several European leaders lamented the end of the treaty.

It is not at stake whether or not a country is preponderant over others

What will happen in 2021, when the New START treaty expires, the last major nuclear weapons control treaty signed by the two great powers, in force since 1972?

It is not at stake whether or not a country is preponderant over others, in an area or not.

Human life is at stake throughout the planet.

Just as the use of chemical and biological weapons was banned, whose power of destruction is uncontrollable.

They could destroy life on the entire planet.

Nuclear weapons must be banned, in all their versions, for the same reason.

What happened on 6 and 8 days of August of 1945 proves the uncontrollable effects of nuclear weapons.

What happened in 1945 would be multiplied hundreds or thousands of times by some of today's atomic bombs.

While the arms madness is entrenched among the powerful, the clamor of the people raises their voice in the just claim of a world without wars and without violence.

We commemorate the 74 anniversary of Hiroshima bombing

For Matsui, mayor of Hiroshima, in his speech of the 74 bombing anniversary:

"World leaders must move forward with them, promoting the ideal of civil society."

He has appealed to join the Treaty for the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.

This treaty is not part of the world nuclear powers or Japan.

Today we are halfway that this treaty enters into force

Today we are halfway through this treaty that goes into effect.

50 ratifications are needed for the treaty to become a binding international law.

On the 6 day of last August, the anniversary day of the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Bolivia became the 25 state in ratifying the treaty.

With increasing urgency, it is called for the prohibition of all nuclear weapons.

All, long, medium range, short range and "low intensity".

Civil society, is making requests for peace and disarmament and against wars.

The desire for peace of the whole society is manifesting

In thousands of cities around the world, citizens carry out different actions in which the desire for peace of the whole society is manifested.

The people want to live in peace and that resources are invested in their benefit, not in their possible destruction.

For our part, from the humanist spirit that encourages us, we promote the Second World March for Peace and Nonviolence.

In it and through it, we propose all kinds of activities to raise awareness about the following points:

  • The global nuclear disarmament
  • Immediate withdrawal of invading troops from occupied territories.
  • Progressive and proportional reduction of conventional armament.
  • Signing of non-aggression treaties between countries.
  • Renunciation of governments to use wars as a means to resolve conflicts.

These are the points that already in the First March, we take as a reference.

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