World March Newsletter - Number 2

The articles included in the II World March website are shown, from June of 2019 to the 22 of August of 2019

Articles included in the web of the II World March, from June of 2019 to the 22 of August of 2019

In this newsletter, we show the articles included in the World March II website, from June of 2019 to the 22 of August of 2019.

During this time when engines are warming up for the launch of the 2 World March, it is worth noting the news of the addition of new countries to the ratification of the TPAN.

In July, the president of Kazakhstan stamped his signature on the Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty, the August 3 was St. Vincent and the Grenadines the country that ratified it and Bolivia was the last to ratify it, making it the number 25 country that It ratifies it.

We are, therefore, at the moment halfway to the ratification of the TPAN.

Hopefully, sooner than later this treaty will be ratified by 50 countries and with it, the prohibition of nuclear weapons will become international law.

It is also noteworthy that the recognition that is being conformed in the international scope of the initiative of the 2 World March, as shown in the invitation made by the Nobel Peace Prize to participate in the World Summit of the Peace Nobel that this year will be held in the State of Yucatán in Mexico between the 18 and the 22 of September of 2019.

This news does not detract from the importance of others, such as the Preparation of the World March in Africa, the preparation of the World March in America or the Five Hundred Years of the 1519 - 2019 Circumnavigation trip, local activities that have been carried out as the presentation at the Casares Quiroga Museum in A Coruña or the march-concentration in Caucaia do Alto, Brazil; or the activities in commemoration of Hiroshima and Nagasaki carried out in different cities of Italy.

Without forgetting the proximity of the International Day against nuclear tests, or the importance of having fulfilled the milestone of putting the World March diffusion spot into circulation.

Brief News from June of 2019 to the 22 of August of 2019

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