World March Newsletter - Number 3

The articles included in the World March II website are displayed, from 23 of August of 2019 to 15 of September of 2019

In this bulletin, we show the articles included in the website of the 2 World March, between the 23 of August of 2019 until the 15 of September of 2019.

The gears of the World March have been greased and little by little the mechanisms of the adhesions and the actions of preparation and diffusion are taking speed.

In Europe

There have been significant actions in institutions in Slovenia, such as the presentation of the World March in Piran, promoted by the Mayor of Piran together with the Museum of the Sea "Sergej Mašera", the Committee for Peace and Coexistence "Danilo Dolci ”And the Mondosenzaguerre Association and in which the Mayors of the Island of Koper Ankaran and Aiello (representing the Coordination of Local Authorities for Peace of Friuli Venezia Giulia) and the President of the Italian Union of Slovenia and Croatia participated.

The Municipality of Piran supports the 2 World March for Peace and Nonviolence in Slovenia and adheres to the idea of ​​an international Gulf of Peace and free of nuclear weapons.

In Vicenza, Italy, the March was presented on August 30, in the framework of the annual “Fornaci Rosse” event, with a debate around the talks by Francesco Vignarca, coordinator of the Italian Disarmament Network and Simon Goldstein, of Language and Behavior Research Center for War and Arms Trauma.

On September 5, also in Italy, the Hiroshima Camellia was delivered to the Mayor of Muggia, the first Municipality joined to the 2 World March, an event in which the municipality of San Dorligo della Valle / Dolina has also participated. He has joined the 2 World March.

Continuing in Italy, at the Colosseum in Rome, 'The largest exhibition in the world for the celebration of the' UN International Day of Peace 'will be held', and there, Peace Run will present the award given to the World March.

During the press conference, Rafael De La Rubia will receive the peace symbol torch of the Peace Race that will lead to the World Summit of Nobel Peace Prizes to be held from 19 to 22 in September in Mérida, Mexico: You will be entrusted with the Torch of the Peace Symbol of the Peace Race.

From Madrid, Spain, within the initiatives highlighted in the context of the 2 World March, we presented an initiative commanded by the World Without Wars and Violence Association throughout Spain, which consists of inviting all schools in Spain to Perform Human Symbols of Peace and Nonviolence.

Continuing in Spain, an "Interview with Jaime Rojas Hernández", a member of the Canary Association for the Development of Health through Care, which has joined the 2nd World March for Peace and Nonviolence, has been published.

In India

The clarity of the Comments on the essential factors for organizing the World March for Peace and Nonviolence by Fernando García, author of the book “Humanism in India. "

In South America

In South America, the Murales por la Paz campaign in Colombia has been highlighted. A rewarding experience that brought together teachers, students, social organizations and supporters who actively participated in these artistic initiatives. And other manifestations of adherence and solidarity, such as "Activities from the Classroom".

We have also highlighted the accumulation of activities that are being carried out and being prepared in Brazil, such as in Londrina, a municipality that can be said to "educate for Peace". We highlighted an event already concluded, the inauguration of the Totem Peace Trail and Peace Culture Data.

Within the initiatives for the promotion of the culture of peace, the 200 Schools for Peace and Non-Violence Campaign has been launched in Recife-Pernambuco, Brazil.

And, a direct democracy initiative could not, "Think, we value what you believe", because the World March also wants to do its bit to promote Direct Democracy.

In the 2 World March we will make real-time consultations:

We can do them in a forum, in the projection of a film, in a demonstration, during 2 hours or two days. It is essential to interact much more with the participants.

This is a very small sample of the activities around the 2 World March for Peace and Nonviolence today.

Brief News from the end of August of 2019 to the 15 of September of 2019

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