Bolivia signs the ratification of the TPAN

Bolivia has signed the instrument of ratification of the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, becoming the 25º State in its ratification.

We transcribe the email sent by Seth Shelden, Tim Wright and Celine Nahory, ICAN members:

Dear activists,

We are pleased to announce that, a few moments ago, Bolivia has signed the instrument of ratification of the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, becoming the 25º State in its ratification.

This means that the TPAN is halfway to enter into force

Congratulations to our activists who made it possible, in particular to Lucia Centellas of Efforts of Bolivian Women and the SEHLAC team.

It is especially appropriate that we have reached this important milestone on Hiroshima Day.

Several States of the Central Group were present at the warehouse to commemorate the occasion.

Good luck in addressing your governments in the coming weeks to encourage them to sign and / or ratify the TPAN at the high-ranking ceremony to be held in New York on September 26.

Below, you will find a statement about today's milestone that you can use as you see fit.

Best regards,

Seth, Tim and Celine

The UN treaty on the prohibition of nuclear weapons is halfway to its entry into force

August 6st, 2019

The Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, approved in 2017, is halfway to enter into force.

This important milestone was reached on August 6, the anniversary of the US atomic bombing of Hiroshima, when Bolivia became the 25ª nation to ratify the treaty.

A total of 50 ratifications are needed for the treaty to become binding international law.

Latin American countries are at the forefront in ratifying the treaty.

Nine countries in the region have already ratified it - Bolivia, Costa Rica, Cuba, El Salvador, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Uruguay and Venezuela - while the rest are signatories, with the exception of Argentina.

Later this year, Bolivia's ambassador to the United Nations, Sacha Llorentty Solíz, will chair the First Committee of the UN General Assembly, a forum that deals with disarmament and international security.

The ratification of this treaty by Bolivia shows that disarmament is taken seriously and that it is well trained to play this leadership role.

The associated organization of ICAN Efforts of Bolivian Women welcomed the ratification

Efforts of Bolivian Women, an associate organization of ICAN, welcomed the ratification, saying that it reflected Bolivia's long-standing commitment to the achievement of a world free of nuclear weapons.

SEHLAC (Human Security in Latin America and the Caribbean), which is also part of ICAN, has been actively promoting adherence to the treaty throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.

The United Nations will convene a high-level ceremony in New York on September 26, in which several nations from different regions of the world are expected to sign and ratify the treaty.

ICAN will continue to call on all leaders to join this treaty without delay, since nuclear weapons are by no means a legitimate form of defense and have catastrophic humanitarian consequences.


Seth Shelden

Liaison with the United Nations of ICAN

(International Campaign for the Abolition of Nuclear Weapons)

Nobel Peace Prize 2017

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