This project is self-financed exclusively with the contributions of its activists and collaborators. Each member of the Base Team is self-financed on their journeys. It also collaborates with the expenses of accommodation, maintenance and transportation on the route. It is suggested that promoter teams from each place they can collaborate with part of the accommodation and living expenses.

The objective is ambitious because the Base Team intends to travel around 100 countries from all continents. But the Base Team will not depend economically on any company, government or collective, so as not to condition its positioning or postulates.

To maintain that independence, we ask for your help, collaborating with this action that is multiplied with new support as it is known.

We will do what we can according to the support we have. Until then we will arrive.

So we work in the First World March and against all odds we get it.

There we verified that when we connect with a good cause we all become more inspired and collaborative.

It contributes by providing kilometers on the World March route.

Level 15.000 steps

It provides 10 km of walking with 10 euros.

Esto will include your name on the web and it will give us the capacity to travel additional kilometers.

Level 75.000 steps

It provides 50 km of walking with 50 euros.

We will offer you a promotional surprise package, with elements of the march to show your feelings to those closest to you.

In addition, this will include all the rewards of the level of 15.000 steps and will give us even more the ability to travel additional kilometers.

Level 150.000 steps

It provides 100 km of walking with 100 euros.

At this level your name will appear, not only on the web, but also in a section of special thanks in the Book of the 2ª World March.

In addition, we will include all the benefits of the level of 75.000 steps, and the possibility of traveling a good journey thanks to your collaboration

Level 262.000 steps

It provides 175 km of walking with 175 euros.

At this level we will give you an official Book of the 2ª World March dedicated to you in gratitude of the Base Team and in which you will also appear in the section of special thanks.

In addition, we will include all the benefits of the level of 150.000 steps and previous ones.


Level 337.500 steps

It provides 225 km of walking with 225 euros.

At this level we will give you additional delivery of a nice copy of the official book of the last Central American March.

In addition, to this you must add, all the rewards of the level of 262.000 steps and previous!

Level 450.000 steps

It provides 300 km of walking with 300 euros.

In this level we will make you delivery with the rest of the rewards from the level of 337.500 steps and previous, of a fantastic volume of the South American March lived a few years ago.


Level 750.000 steps

It provides 500 km of walking with 500 euros.

Get all the books published up to the March date including the original and first book of the 1ª World March and check the progress in these last 10 years firsthand.

Next to this level, you will also get all the rewards of the level of 450.000 steps and previous ones.

Level 1.500.000 steps

It provides 1.000 km of walking with 1.000 euros.

At this level we give you all the possible rewards, the complete book collection, the mention in book and web.

And also as a symbol of additional gratitude we will make you delivery of A fabulous memory mural of 65 x 95 cm with all the details of how it progressed successfully this 2ª World March.

Summary table of rewards

Thanks to our taxpayers