Logbook, October 31

In the afternoon, we get on the ferry from Marseille to l'Estaque. In the Thalassantè, we have dinner, talk and sing together for the songs for peace

October 31 - When you arrive at the port after many hours of navigation it seems that time is accelerating.

You get up at 7 in the morning with the idea of ​​having all day ahead and, suddenly, you find yourself running at the end of the afternoon to not miss the ferry and not to miss the meeting at the Estaque with the group of pacifists Marseilles

Time flies: clean the boat, replace the kitchen, find a laundry to wash clothes, fight the wifi that seems to be from the devil, follow the bonfonchiare of the captain who has been fighting for days against one (we quote) "damn meolo" .

The epic clash between the meolo, a small device that serves to adjust the candle, and the captain, for now has ended in a kind of tie but we suspect it is only a temporary truce.

The meolo is treacherous and threatens to take revenge. But let's not entertain: we are at 6: 25 pm at the ferry dock shouting over the phone: “Where did you end up? Run, the ferry leaves! ”

All are difficulties, and, on the run, some arrive at the ferry by the hair

The captain and one of the boys, until a moment before committing to the washer / dryer / meolo mission, arrive at the race with a valid justification: "The dryer took 12 minutes."

Well, in the meantime we had a talk with the ticket office of the ferry that confesses to know some words of Italian.

The first is "hello," the second is "mutiny." We wonder why we need to mutiny on the ferry that goes from the old port of Marseille to l'Estaque.

The Estaque was once a small fishing port, it became famous because it was painted by Cézanne and like him many other more or less famous painters.

Today it is incorporated into the metropolis of Marseille but has not lost its “salty air”: there are shipyards, marinas with sailboats, popular beaches.

The headquarters of Thalassantè It is right next to the sea, near the shipyard square, in fact the place looks like an old shipyard, and in fact they explain that here a sailboat of 19 meters of length is built that is going around the world.

On the pier, in front of a huge wooden schooner, at the entrance of the building there is a small boat transformed into a kind of outdoor sofa.

We avoid it because the air is strong and we take refuge in the container-bar where there is dinner.

Auberge Espagnole, was written on the invitation. That is, everyone brought something homemade.

All but us, who thought it was a Spanish dinner, with paella or something.

The choice of nonviolence is a radical choice that requires consistency

We arrive empty-handed but on the other hand hungry like wolves and honor the dishes of others that are really good.

In front of the buffet we talk about the March, about our first days of sailing, about the situation in the Mediterranean, about the migrants.

Also of how even in Marseille the wave of intolerance is constantly growing (the city is the operational headquarters of SOS Mediterranée) but also of the experience of a pacifist and non-violent practice that comes from within, from an internal search.

It may seem an overly intimate choice in a world crossed by winds of war. It's not like that.

The choice of nonviolence is a radical choice that requires consistency between the interior and exterior of oneself.

Make peace with yourself to be at peace with the world and in the world. Marie, for example, has chosen to use singing as an instrument of peace.

Singing for peace, singing together while we listen to others to be able to join voices. And so we do: we sing, talk and listen to the experiences of others.

We will keep the promise of returning in March

Like Philippe, from the Voices de la paix association in Mediterranée.

Sailors identify with each other and with Philippe we recognize ourselves as crew: he tells us what his association does by teaching children to navigate.

Their ships have sails painted with drawings of peace, there is one dedicated to Malala with the image of the face of the Pakistani girl, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize.

At the end of the afternoon, along with a flag with the word Paix, he gives us a small painted candle to accompany us on our trip to the Mediterranean.

We promise to return to Marseille in March to bring it to you. A real promise, sailors, contrary to what is believed, always keep their promises.

The next morning Philippe comes to greet us. He follows us with his zodiac through the old port. The flag of peace waving.

We greet you by unrolling your little peace candle on the bridge. We are browsing again. Around us the sound of the sea, like a song of peace.

Bow to Barcelona.

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