Outstanding initiatives in the World March (2)

New campaign of “Human Symbols of Nonviolence and Peace in schools”

Within the initiatives highlighted in the context of the 2 World March, today we present the initiative commanded by the World Without Wars and Violence Association throughout Spain.

It consists of inviting all schools in Spain to perform Human Symbols of Peace and Nonviolence.

For this, a letter is sent to those responsible for the proposal in which they invite them to perform in their centers and with the active participation of students:

"Human Symbols of Nonviolence and Peace in schools"

The letter sent explains:

“This campaign is framed in the context of the “2ª World March for Peace and Nonviolence” which will start in October on October 2 and end in March on March 8 ”

And continues:

"From next September 21 (International Day of La Paz) until
the October 11,
We propose you to make both symbols in your educational center, promoting the participation of the students.

You can send us a photo (as far as possible shot from above) of each of the symbols and if necessary, a short video a mundosinguerras@pazynoviolencia.org Accompanying them with the following information:

  • Full Name of the Center
  • Full postal address
  • Contact person, phone and email (will not appear on the web, or anywhere else)
  • The photos between 1 and 2 megabites and link to the video (if applicable).

En https://theworldmarch.org/simbolos-humanos/ You can see some photo of the last campaign and some videos made last year in Costa Rica, Ecuador and Honduras.

You can see all the photos and videos of previous campaigns in www.pazynoviolencia.org.

We attach a document in case you find it useful: “ Human Symbols Peace and Nonviolence Mode of Operation.pdf "

As soon as possible, we will send you information on how the campaign has developed.

We are grateful in advance for your attention and hope that this proposal will be of interest to you.

Any questions about the proposal, do not hesitate to make it to the signature mail.

Kind regards.

Jesus Arguedas Rizzo
Team Human Symbols
World Without Wars and Violence


This initiative arises from a small team of World Without Wars and Without Violence that at the end of the 2016 it is appropriate to propose to 4 or 5 schools and the Rayo Vallecano Sports School that in their respective facilities those human symbols with the students were made.

In the next two years, the number of educational centers to be addressed has been extended and to date there have been a total of more than 150 schools in different autonomous communities of Spain with the participation of more than 40.000 students.

The realization in different formats of these symbols is already being projected in different countries of several continents.

In any case, the experience of its promoters and all participants shows that society is increasingly sensitized to the need to promote a culture of peace and non-violent conflict resolution in all areas.

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