Art colors the way of the march

During the World March, almost in every act, many expressions of art began to entertain them, if not to be the main vehicle of their expression. 

We already made a first summary of the artistic activities of the march in the article Flashes of Art in the World March.

In this, we will continue with the tour of the art expressions shown during the walk of the 2nd World March.

In Africa, Photography, dance and rap

In general, when the 2nd World March passed through Africa, a group of photographers covered all events. The joy of youth and good knowledge illuminated them.

Within an atmosphere of healthy camaraderie and with the impetus of youth, four photographers and a cameraman covered the 2nd World March for Peace and Nonviolence on the road to Morocco.

Upon entry into Senegal, in Saint Louis, on the afternoon of October 26, the Don Bosco center took place, an event in which a presentation of the World March was made, and whose cultural part consisted of a representation of the Juvep theatrical troop, the intervention by rapper General Kheuch and slamero Slam Issa who put a good atmosphere.

The Painter Lola Saavedra and Paintings for Peace

Coruña plastic artist Lola Saavedra collaborates with her art in the "2nd World March for Peace and Nonviolence" making works that express the values ​​of Peace, Solidarity and Nonviolence.

The entire period of the March an art event was open in A Coruña, Spain called PAINTINGS FOR PEACE AND NOVIOLENCE, A Coruña.

Art in the Mediterranean Sea of ​​Peace initiative

In another sense, art for peace was disseminated and welcomed by the maritime initiative of the 2nd World March, Mediterranean Sea of ​​Peace.

On the one hand, the Bamboo, the boat with which the journey of the initiative was made, carried a sample of the drawings of Peace made by thousands of children in the initiative Colors of Peace.

On the other, in the ports that arrived they were participating in different events always with the accompanying art.

Thus, in Marseille, in the Thalassantè: "Singing for peace, singing together as we listen to each other so we can unite voices. And that's how we do it: we sing, talk and listen to the experiences of others. ” There we all participate singing the 31 October 2020.

In Barcelona, ​​in the act carried out in the “Preace Boat” ship in which the survivors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki traveled the world spreading the message for Peace and against nuclear bombs, the art could also be felt:

There the drawings of the children of the initiative "Colors of Peace" were exhibited, La Hibakusha, Noriko Sakashita, began the act by reciting a poem "Life this morning", accompanied by the cello by Miguel López, playing the "Cant dels Ocells ”by Pau Casals, which tuned the audience in an emotional atmosphere. So we can see it in the article ICAN organizations in the Peace Boat.

En Sardinia, the Bamboo sailors, mixed with the friends of the “Migrant Art” network, where “We symbolically unite ourselves with a silk thread that unites us each other in a network of emotional involvement.”

Finally, the Mediterranean Sea of ​​Peace, between the 19 and the November 26, closes the last leg of the trip.

In Livorno, a meeting is held in the Old Fortress:

“Among the guests is also Antonio Giannelli, president of the Colors for Peace Association, to whom we return the piece of the Peace Blanket and the 40 designs of the Colors of Peace exhibition, in total more than 5.000, which have traveled with us through the Mediterranean.

Antonio recounts the experience of his Association, which is based in Sant'Anna di Stazzema, the town where 1944 people were massacred by the Nazis in 357, 65 of whom were children. ”

In Italy, a multitude of initiatives

In Italy we were able to attend a multitude of activities in which solidarity and militant art was the protagonist.

Fiumicello Villa Vicentina, promoted a large number of activities in which the artistic activity highlighted:

On Friday 06.12 the musical show "Magicabula" by the Cultural Association "Parcè no? ... the magic of Christmas is hidden in each one of us ...

Among the promotional activities of the 2nd World March, a theatrical performance.

On Saturday 14.12 at 20.30 the theater company Lucio Corbatto from Staranzano performed: We had fun with Campanilismi, four unique acts by Achille Campanile.

The Titas Michelas Band promotes the World March during the Epiphany Concert

On January 6 the Banda Tita Michelàs offered the community of Fiumicello Villa Vicentina a concert of good wishes for the year 2020.

Comedies in the Bison room: within the Christmas activities, the comedies “Serata omicidio” and “Venerdì 17” were represented.

On Saturday, December 21 and Sunday, December 22, 2019, in the “Bison” Room of Fiumicello Villa Vicentina, at 20:30 p.m., the theatrical performances that the Philodramatic Company

Finally, in a “Beautiful moment to share in Fiumicello”:

This past Saturday, 22/02/2020, we were with the Scouts of Fiumicello, we write and paint Peace and Nonviolence.

On Saturday 22/02/2020 in the afternoon the Fiumicello 1 scouts met us in their circle: they talked about Peace and Nonviolence. We sing together.

For Peace, each one wrote on a poster what he represents for himself.

And, in Vicenza, "Music and words of peace" in Rossi:

Some twenty days before the World March for Peace and Non-Violence passed through Vicenza, the Vicenza promotion committee, with the collaboration of the artists Pino Costalunga and Leonardo Maria Frattini, organized for Friday, February 7, at 20.30 pm, at the “Rossi” institute (via Legione Gallieno 52), the show “Music and Words of Peace”.

Unfortunately, with the emergence of COVID-19 and the confinement measures decreed to stop the Pandemic, all the activities planned for the passage of the 2nd World March had to be canceled.

There is a commitment that these activities take place in the fall of this year.

See you soon, Italy!

Passing through South America, art occupied a central space

En Ecuador, The Fine Arts Foundation and the World Without Wars and Violence Association came together to present for the first time the Guayaquil Art Exhibition for Peace and Nonviolence. A total of 32 artists between nationals and foreigners participate in this event that opened on December 10, 2019

En Colombia, between the 4 and the November 9 we attended the inauguration of several sculptures.

That same day, at the Universidad Bogotá Bogota Colombia, the sculpture was inaugurated Wings of peace and freedom  of Master Ángel Bernal Esquivel.

A bust of Silo is inaugurated, Mario Luis Rodríguez Cobos, founder of the Universalist Humanist Movement. In the act, Rafael de la Rubia, the sculptor, representatives of MSGySV of Colombia and authorities.

En PeruWithin artistic-cultural activities On December 17, in Arequipa, an artistic cultural festival was organized.

And on December 19, the activities continued and in Tacna, the reception to the Base Team of the 2nd World March was held with artistic numbers at the Michulla venue.

As you pass by Argentina, the Base Team, in the historic Park of Study and Reflection of Punta de Vacas, was received by the choir from a nearby town. A happy song full of the best intentions.

They also participated in the inauguration of a beautiful "Little Mural". Rafael and Lita presented the Mural made by some friends from the Community of La Plata.

Rafael de la Rubia spoke of there have already been other "signs" that have been accompanying the March, as in Colombia, where a Plaza with the name of Silo and a bust of Silo was inaugurated.

En Chile, the dealers participated in meditation, a march and merry party:

The March through the streets of the neighborhood claiming the need for a profound change in institutions and people.

The party, the show of joy oriented to show the spirit with which every claim must be made, the joy of clearing the future with nonviolence.

In Asia dance dance

Among other set of activities, in Asia, in the India, in the early days, dealers they contemplated the beautiful dances.

For Europe, the Bel Canto

En France, different acts were prepared with singing as the protagonist.

On February 7, 2020 in Rognac, the ATLAS association presented an artistic resistance show titled “We're free”, Within the framework of the 2nd World March for Peace and Nonviolence.

And in Augbagne, they held a “Singing for everyone".

On Friday February 28, 2020, within the framework of the 2nd World March for Peace and Non-Violence, a free improvised singing night was held in Aubagne and open to all.

This event was organized by the EnVies EnJeux association.

I sing for everyone in Aubagne:

The March in Madrid ends

On March 8, the 2nd World Brand for Peace and Non-Violence ended in Madrid.

Between March 7 and 8, the activities of closure of the March in Madrid.

On the 7th in the morning at the Cultural Center del Pozo in the Vallecas neighborhood, a twinning concert between Núñez de Arenas School, the Pequeñas Huellas orchestra (Turin) and the Manises Cultural Athenaeum (Valencia); a hundred boys and girls performed various musical pieces, and some rap songs.

And on the morning of the 8th, in the final act, together with the representation of a human symbol of nonviolence, he gave free rein to the dance and ritual singing. There, in a Masterful Way, the deep song for the liberation of women is born in the voice of Marian Galan (Women walking the Peace). A plea also from women as caretakers of Mother Earth.

And also at the end of the march

Ecuador also carried out activities the day of the end of the 2nd World March.

The Ecuadorian folklore was also present, dressed in the representative costumes of our mountains, the dancers with a sign in hand said "LET'S MAKE PEACE, NOT VIOLENCE."

And… Finally, thanks to the Colors for Peace Association of Italy, the contestants were invited to tour the exhibition of 120 paintings made by children from all over the world.

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