The International Base Team in Japan

From Chile, the Base Team, after stopping in Europe, flew to Seoul. In a few hours they moved to Japan

After his stay in Chile, the International Base Team headed to Seoul. A small stop in Madrid to take the flight to London and from there, to Seoul.

A robot of the latest technology, received the World March in Seoul ...

A long stopover to continue the flight to Japan. In a few days we will return to Seoul.

On January 11, 2020, the 2nd World March arrives in Hiroshima.

The photo, under these words, was taken in the Social Book Café, in Hiroshima, where the documentary “The beginning of the end of nuclear weapons” will be screened on Monday, January 13.

This Monday, January 13, the World March participated in the screening of the documentary “The beginning of the end of nuclear weapons“, Directed by Álvaro Orús and produced by Tony Robinson, at the Café / Librería Colibrí, in Hiroshima.

It is impressive, without a doubt, to take the firm will of the 2nd World March to support the achievement of the prohibition of nuclear weapons in this place where the uncontrollable nuclear force put an end to so many thousands of lives.

It is impressive to contemplate the "Row 0" in memory of those who lost their lives.

The strength of the villages of Hiroshima and Nagasaki is admirable

So is the strength of the inhabitants of Hiroshima, not forgetting those of Nagasaki, along with those of many other places where nuclear energy has left victims, by launching their struggle and their more than founded hope that what happened there will not happen again.

Thus, the Colibrí Bookshop hosted this event in which with the support of the Hibakushas, ​​this masterful documentary was projected, which not only shows the vision of the survivors of nuclear catastrophes and those who support in the direction of the total suppression of nuclear weapons, but also the hope that this is a possible target.

And it will be possible thanks to the pressure and firmness of the countries that may suffer nuclear catastrophes or possible nuclear wars, as well as of the citizens who may suffer them.

To date, 80 countries have signed and of these there are 34 countries that have also ratified the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, we are only 16 signatures of ratification for the prohibition to become a law of mandatory international application.

This would not, by itself, be the end of nuclear weapons, or of the nuclear threat, but it would be, without a doubt, “The beginning of the end of nuclear weapons"

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