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Forum Towards the nonviolent future of Latin America

October 1 2021 @ 09:00-October 2 2021 @ 16:30 CST (Cadaver Surgical Training)

Forum Towards the nonviolent future of Latin America

On October 1 and 2, at the Civic Center for Peace, Heredia, Costa Rica, the Forum "Towards the nonviolent future of Latin America" ​​will be held in person (with limited capacity) and virtually.

Themes and topics

  1. Pluricultural coexistence in harmony, valuation of the ancestral contribution of native peoples and how interculturality can offer us the possibility of incorporating this contribution in the nonviolent future that we want for Latin America.
  2. Friendly, multi-ethnic and inclusive societies for all people and ecosystems.
    Towards the construction of Inclusive Societies, nonviolent and with sustainable development. Creation of legislation and culture in favor of Equal rights and opportunities for all excluded, discriminated and immigrant populations. As well as to guarantee our survival with well-being and that of the different forms of life on the planet.
  3. Nonviolent proposals and actions that can serve as a model to mitigate the great problems of structural violence in Latin America.
    Regional or community proposals for nonviolent solutions, organized for the recovery of spaces and societies in search of reversing the problems of structural violence, economic violence, political violence, as well as violence caused by drug trafficking.
  4. Actions for disarmament and for nuclear weapons to be illegal throughout the Region.
    Making visible actions in favor of disarmament, the conversion of the role of the armies and police forces in the region, by a preventive citizen police, the reduction of military budgets and the prohibition of wars as a means to resolve conflicts, as well as as well as the prohibition and stigmatization of nuclear weapons in the Region.
  5. The March on the internal path for personal and social nonviolence simultaneously.
    Personal and interpersonal development, mental health, and inner peace necessary to build nonviolent communities.
  6. What Latin America do the New Generations want? What is the future that the new generations want? What are their aspirations and how to generate spaces for their expression, as well as to make visible the positive actions that they generate based on the creation of new realities. Latin American Youth Exchange.


It begins:
October 1 2021 @ 09:00 CST (Cadaver Surgical Training)
October 2 2021 @ 16:30 CST (Cadaver Surgical Training)


World Without Wars Costa Rica


Civic Center for Peace Heredia
Nísperos Street
Guarari, Heredia Costa Rica
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