Welcome to the Base Team, La Laguna

Rectorship of the University of La Laguna Calle Padre Herrera, s / n, San Cristóbal de la Laguna

Welcome to the base team of the 2 World March in the boardroom of the University of La Laguna, by Mrs. Rector Rosa Mª Aguilar Chimea. To this event, Mayor of the city of La Laguna, Mr. Luis Yeray Gutiérrez Pérez, has been invited for the reception to be joint, but

Welcome to the 2 World March, Tenerife

Europa Square, Puerto de la Cruz Europa Square, Puerto de la Cruz

Welcome activities to the 2 World March. 17: 00: Solidarity march from Plaza Martínez to Plaza Europa 17: 30: Welcome act with the mayor of Puerto de la Cruz and other public figures. 18: 00: Musical acts, dances and interactive activities

What Fails in Social Movements?

Góngora Street, 43, Arrecife Góngora Street, 43, Arrecife

What Fails in Social Movements Participatory research with the "stick in stick" blog.