Human symbols

CEIP Menesteo in El Puerto de Santa María

From the Ceip Menesteo - The Port of Santa María - CÁDIZ, on the day of Peace and Non-violence 2019, send us these photos.

IES Los Naranjeros de Tacoronte

From the IES Los Naranjeros, from Tacoronte, Tenerife, on the day of Peace and Non-Violence 2019, they inform us of their participation in the 2019 Peace Day campaign.
«We attach a video of the Peace symbol made at the center on the 28 day in January by the students of 1º ESO of the IES Los Naranjeros».

CEIP Gandhi de Málaga

From the CEIP Gandhi de Málaga send us, on the day of Peace and Non-violence 2019, this "short video to show you how we made the symbol of Peace on the occasion of this day."

CEIP Miguel de Cervantes in El Toboso

From Ceip Miguel de Cervantes, from El Toboso, Toledo, send us these beautiful views of the activity they did on the 2019 Peace Day.

CEIP Antonio Machado at Peal De Becerro

From the CEIP Antonio Machado in Peal De Becerro, Jaén provide us with the photo.
"That our center has done with a human symbol celebrating the Day of Peace, and a video made in our school with our students."

CEIP Juan Fernández Latorre

In the CEIP Juan Fernández Latorre, from Coruña, they carried out this beautiful activity:
"500 nenos e nenas developed a" Human Symbol of Schoolchildren "for Peace and Non Violence, not a school, Juan Fernández Latorre, not an International Peace Day. A Coruña 30 / 01 / 2019 "