Start of the March and Non-violence in schools

Live, there was the “Launch of the 2 World March this 02 October 2019, a conversation between Gunther Aleksander, and Vinicius Pereira

From Pernambuco, Brazil, this October 2 of 2019 has taken place, accompanying the launch of the 2ª World March the first "Live EAD”Live from Nonviolence in schools with 474 enrolled, 10 tutors in 20 states of Brazil, which connect on the website of the UFRPE (Federal Rural University of Pernambuco).

A talk with Gunther Aleksander, of the Pressenza Agency, and Vinicius Pereira, of the Nonviolence in Schools Project, on the launch of the 2 World March for Peace and Nonviolence, giving the appropriate explanations on the free course of distance education for the formation of non-violence centers in schools.

The impact of this initiative is having great success and sets a precedent that sets a tendency to launch non-violence projects in schools, not only in Brazil, but in all countries.

The distance course for the Creation of Active Nonviolence Centers, was launched thanks to the cooperation between the Project “Nonviolence in schools” of the humanist movement, the Academic Unit of the UFRPE EADTec and the School of activism.

The course will last a flexible number of hours, according to each case and aims to support schools to overcome violence through the path of positive transformation, using the methodology of active nonviolence and the tools of universalist humanism.

Who is this course for?

- Schools that already participate in face-to-face classes of the Project in Pernambuco.

- Schools involved in the 200 Schools for Peace and Nonviolence Campaign of the World March for Peace and Nonviolence.

- Professionals who feel the need to transform their workplace, place of relationship or where they live.

- Students of any level whose mission is the transformation through education.

- People sensitive to the cause of the humanization of the world.

What does the course consist of?

The course has 6 modules that can be played in schools, organizations, universities or groups:

  • Overcoming Violence
  • Human coherence
  • History of nonviolence
  • Converge in diversity
  • Transforming action
  • Creation of the Center for Active Nonviolence.
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