The March in the Epiphany Concert

Fiumicello Villa Vicentina Italy: the Titas Michelas Band promotes the World March during the Epiphany Concert

On January 6, the Band Tita Michelàs offered to the community of Fiumicello Villa Vicentina a concert of good wishes for the year 2020.

It was the occasion to present the 2ª World March and remember the date of February 27 on which the World March base team will make a stop at Fiumicello.

About 200 people were present.

Among them, Mayor Laura Sgubin and Councilor Marco Ustulin who spoke about the March were present:

To illustrate the themes of the World March, the Band performed a piece composed by Mauro Rosi, Director of the Military Band of the Italian Red Cross, entitled “A hope ... Peace"

The presenter read a text written by the composer himself

During the interpretation of the piece, the presenter read a text written by the composer himself especially for this interpretation:

ª parte 1:

"Man has a great gift: he can distinguish good from evil, let's try together to make good prevail so that there are no more wars and prejudices"

ª parte 2:

"Let us join in a simple song made of joy, peace, friendship, equality, so that the greatest gift for all is finally a gift of love"

ª parte 3:

"Let's build a new world of friendship, of freedom in which there is no longer diversity but a rainbow of happiness"

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