The World March arrives in Cádiz

The World March reaches the oldest city in Europe

In Cádiz, in the Castle of Santa Catalina, at 19: 00, a unique event called “We Dance for Peace” was organized, organized by World Without Wars and Without Violence and other groups, which gathered to support the passage of the World March for Peace and Nonviolence.

An open space for poetry, music, theatrical performances and dances, with micro open to expose what each group does.
Paco Palomo, member of the Cádiz Association for Non-Violence, promoter of the act in which Eduardo Godino, Carmen Marín, Carmen P. Orihuela, María Désirée, Juanma Vázquez, Mery and Maverir of “Aro que Swing” participated, Espacio Quiñones and Michelle, all of them artists, poets, dancers, among others.

Palomo, he asked himself: “And what is active nonviolence?”, Answering: “non-violence practices protest, civil disobedience, non-collaboration, respect for others.

It is also the "not hurting" the other, accepting diversity and mutual help

It is also the "not hurting" the other, accepting diversity and mutual help. Nonviolence is an ethical-political practice that rejects the use of aggression, in any of its forms.

He opposes the use of force as a means and as an end, because he considers that every violent act generates more violence… ”

He continued: “It is also this act, to receive the 2 World March that began in Madrid, the October 2, and that after Andalusia will pass to Africa, America and the rest of the continents.

And now to them, to the dealers, we give the floor. Today here, we highlight the greater participation of female members. As is happening in many areas of the planet. Women get more involved and are the most active. ”

Then the members of the World March Base Team spoke

Then the members of the World March Base Team, Luis Silva, spoke about the actions of the MM, Sonia Venegas about the participation of universities and Rafael del Rubia highlighted the false account that had been installed in some places about: “Fear to different, according to their skin color, language, religion, origin, etc. which served to generate distrust, promote conflict and ultimately wars.

Stressing that, the direct experience of contact with people from different countries, is that despite all these differences, what people aspire to in all latitudes is to achieve a dignified and honest life for him and for his loved ones ... Everything else is stories invented to create fear, divert problems and thus manipulate people better. ”

In Cádiz to 6 of October of 2019
Drafting: Sonia Venegas. Photographs: Gina Venegas
We appreciate the support granted to the event by the City Council of Cádiz and in particular to the Department of Culture.
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