Launch of the 2 World March

There has been the launch of the 2 World March for Peace and Nonviolence in the endearing and historic environment of the Circulo de Bellas Artes de Madrid.

This 2 of October of 2019, in the Circle of Fine Arts of Madrid, after the symbolic start of the World March at km 0 of the Puerta del Sol, took place at the Circle of Fine Arts, the official act that marked its beginning .

It was attended by several speakers in various panels that intervened in front of an attendance of some 200 people, all enlivened with projections of images and videos.

The varied activities carried out in the previous years 3 were presented first

The realization of human symbols of Peace and Nonviolence in educational and sports centers Jesús Arguedas (MSGySV Spain).

The marches carried out in Central and South America by Sonia Venegas from Ecuador who participated in both.

The awareness-raising work done in Spain at the parliamentary level on the role that deputies can have to pressure the government in signing the Treaty for the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons - TPAN made by Pedro Arrojo.

And also the situation of the “Call to the cities” campaign to support the TPAN with commitments made at the municipal level by Carlos del Pozo and Antonio Pérez from the Movimiento Social del Casar (Guadalajara-Spain).

We thank the transfer of this video to Juan C. Marín

Then the central themes of the 2 World March were discussed

    • Pedro Arrojo (Goldman Prize) emphasized the social emergency situation due to the issue of resources, while Paco, of Extinction-Rebellion Spain and Nicolás, of Fridays for Future reported on the recent World Climate Strike and invited with determination to action Nonviolent as a way of putting pressure on governments against this climatic emergency.
    • Carlos Umaña (ICAN, Nobel Peace Prize) intervened through a video from Costa Rica explaining the actual current risk of a nuclear accident, and detailed the current situation of the TPAN nuclear weapons ban treaty, driven by 122 countries, signed by 79 and ratified by 32, until the date. Only 18 is missing more ratifications to enter into force in the United Nations.
    • Nondiscrimination: Carmen Magallón He expressed his support on the part of WlLPF-Spain and Marian Galan (Women walking the Peace) highlighted the situation of women in different countries and also made an allegation of women as caretaker of Mother Earth.
    • Nonviolence: Philippe Moal (World Center for Humanist Studies) I affirm that when there is violence there is a systematic possibility of nonviolence, and deepening its ethics, its tools, its benefits and its methodology of action, allows to give coherent and relevant answers both personally and socially.
    • Multilateralism: A video of Federico Mayor Zaragoza (Culture of Peace Foundation) that will take on the March the theme of the re-foundation of the United Nations.

Some tools were presented to help give more echo to the March and its deepening in nonviolence

Consuelo Fernández (COPEHU), and Philippe Moal (Noviolencia Observatory) commented on their experiences in conducting workshops in various fields (universities, public libraries, etc.).

In the most technical part, Carlos Rossique presented a computer application for citizen participation and Antonio Gancedo the diverse means with which the diffusion of the March in the Network was going to be supported.

The culture and art section was not lacking

    • Fran saure, Editor (Editorial Sauré) informed of an action taken that same day 2 of October in Bilbao by its publisher distributing free illustrated books to young 500 to raise awareness about bullying.
    • Encarna Salas He shared the recent experience of the musico-cultural festival that was organized in the Eva neighborhood in Madrid.
    • The actor Alberto Ammann He wanted to emphasize the role that culture can play beyond entertainment, becoming a tool for awareness and reflection.
We thank the transfer of the images to Juan C. Marín and Iban P. Sánchez.

Finally, Rafael de la Rubia explained his principle and his general journey

Finally, Rafael of the Rubia (MSGySV) coordinator of the 2 World March, explained its principle and its general path, how the multiple actions that are generated at the step of the base team will be articulated, as well as its operation.

Although time did not allow to go into details of the routes through each continent (including the Arctic, Antarctica and the "Boat trip through the Mediterranean").

Rafael concluded with an inspiring call to join that attempt:

"... There on the horizon that human nation presses from the future ...
Every time he does it with more force ...
Guiding the personal senses and giving direction to the people.
There we will meet again and we will all recognize ourselves as human"

As closure, Isabel Bueno, from CEIP Núñez de Arenas (Madrid) and Carolina Egüez, of Little Footprints (Italy), commented on the process of twinning between that school with the orchestra transmitting from Turin (Italy) a message from Sabina Colona-Pretti, founder of the orchestra.

I end the event with a beautiful concert of Galactic Music played by Blue sea y Joshua Arias; in front, a panoramic view of Madrid illuminated putting the finishing touch to that day of the October 2, while images and greetings from several parts of the planet were still being celebrated celebrating that start of the World March.

Martine SICARD
World without Wars and Violence

We appreciate the support with the dissemination of the web and social networks of the 2 World March


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