The March in the 13ª Migrant March

On December 1, the World March was present at the 13ª Migrant March, in Sao Paolo, Brazil

The march of migrants and refugees is an international event, designed to celebrate the December 18, date established by the United Nations (UN) as International Migrant Day.

This year, in Sao Paulo the march was held this December 1 and the 2ª World March He participated in this 13ª Immigrant March.

All migrant, refugee and Brazilian migrants were invited to participate in the event that took place in São Paulo on Sunday 1 in December at 2 in the afternoon on Paulista Avenue.

Migration with dignity

La UN, in the context of World Migrants and Refugees Day, explains the need to treat migrants with dignity:

"In 2018, about 3400 migrants and refugees have lost their lives around the world. For this reason, this year's theme is 'Migration with dignity'.

Treating migrants with dignity is an indispensable requirement when it comes to dealing with migration, it must be the starting point. Migration is the great issue of our era, it is a struggle for dignity because it allows people to choose to save themselves, allows them to choose to be part and not isolate themselves.

We must dignify those choices by showing respect, and the way to do it is to treat them with dignity for having made the decisions they have made. For that reason, in the celebration of this Day, we call for migration to be safe, regular and dignified for all."

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