The World March concludes in Madrid

The symbolic closure will take place on Sunday, March 8, at 12 noon at Puerta del Sol
The II World March for Peace and Nonviolence concludes its journey in Madrid. Departing on October 2, 2019 (International Day of Nonviolence) from Madrid, the World March for Peace and Nonviolence will conclude its journey after passing through the five continents for five months. With the antecedent of the I World March 2009-2010, which for 93 days covered 97 countries and five continents, it was proposed to carry out this II World March for Peace and Nonviolence 2019-2020, this time leaving and returning to the same starting point for achieve various objectives.

Report, make visible, give voice

Firstly, denounce the dangerous world situation with increasing conflicts and increased spending on weapons, while in vast areas of the planet many populations are left behind due to lack of food and water. Secondly, to make visible the different and very varied positive actions that people, groups and peoples are developing in numerous places in favor of human rights, non-discrimination, collaboration, peaceful coexistence and non-aggression. And, finally, to give voice to the new generations who want to take over, installing the culture of nonviolence in the collective imagination, in education, in politics, in society ... In the same way that in a few years he left installing ecological awareness.


To celebrate the end of this world tour, a series of activities will be carried out that will have the presence of several of its protagonists. On Saturday March 7, at 12 noon, the 'Twinning Concert for Peace, Nonviolence and Earth' by the Small Footprints International Orchestra (Italy) will take place with the Project Growing Up with Music at the Manuel Núñez de Arenas school (Puente de Vallecas) and the Ateneu Cultural (Manises-Valencia). The activity will take place at the El Pozo Cultural Center (Avenida de las Glorietas 19-21, Puente de Vallecas) with free admission until full capacity is reached.

Closing ceremony of the March

In the afternoon, at 18:30 pm, the 'Closing Ceremony of the March' will be held with projections of images of the route, interventions by protagonists from different continents, closing words and a musical touch. The same will take place the Arab house (Calle de Alcalá, 62) also with free access. The next day, Sunday, March 8, will take place at noon at Puerta del Sol, at kilometer 0, the symbolic closure of the tour of the world of the Second World March that will end five months of travel from the same place where this adventure started. At 12:30 p.m., in front of the traditional Mallorcan pastry shop, human symbols of Peace and Nonviolence will be held with women from different cultures, a proposal open to the participation of anyone who wishes to join this movement. To top it off, activists will support the feminist mobilization that will tour the Center of the capital in the afternoon.
Drafting: Martine Sicard (World Without Wars and Violence)
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