The World March presented in Vicenza

Meeting and debate with Francesco Vignarca and Simon Goldstein in Vicenza

The debate organized by the promoter group of the World March for Peace and Nonviolence took place in Vicenza, the 30 of August, in the framework of the annual event "Fornaci Rosse", named because it is celebrated in the "Parco delle Fornaci "

Francesco Vignarca, coordinator of the Italian Disarmament Network, spoke about the sale of Italian weapons to war countries and the Vicenza Arms Fair, focusing in particular on the possibilities of conversion for civil use and the relationship with workers and workers. unions.

Simon Goldstein of the Language and Behavior Research Center for War and Arms Trauma illustrated the proposal to introduce a new human right, the right to emotional sustainability.

Dana Conzato and Francesco Ambrosi, who presented the evening and the guests, gave the context of the World March.

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