Murals for Peace in Colombia

Young people perform “Murals for Peace” in Bogotá - Colombia

The art of muralism is an activity that encourages a multitude of young people, giving a sense to their mode of artistic expression.

It is part, in turn, of that great urban and global movement that in contemporary times has received great acceptance by those who go out to the streets to paint the city walls.

An artistic practice that in the project “ Murals for Peace”He has a solemn interest in spreading a message of Inner Peace and Nonviolence as a methodology of action to transform society, it is the coherence of our personal development consistent with our social actions.

Based on student initiatives, group work and cooperative spirit

It is from the initiatives of students, group work and cooperative spirit that the art of painting murals becomes relevant as an artistic activity.

Denotes a feeling, an action reflected in images around the reflection on the points of the second world march , reproduced from your deepest feeling.

In the humanist institutions this work is undertaken from the 1 South American March for peace and non-violence, the students expressed their art on the walls of different cities in Colombia.

Rewarding experience that brought together teachers, students, social organizations and supporters

A rewarding experience that brought together teachers, students, social organizations and supporters who actively participated in these artistic initiatives.

The project "Murals for Peace”Aims to motivate communities throughout the Colombian national territory and invites to be part of this exercise of cultural diffusion with positive impact; promoting social awareness, starting in the simplest and most eager place of knowledge, the street, to be carried out in the creative representation of free and critical minds that exalt the values ​​that elevate the human spirit.


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