Do you want to participate in the next Latin American March?

The World without Wars and Violence Association, an Organization of the Humanist Movement, has promoted marches that cross the territories with the aim of raising a non-violent consciousness, making visible the positive actions that many human beings develop in that direction.

From September 15 to October 02, we will march virtually and in person, Latin American peoples, the Caribbean, indigenous peoples, Afro-descendants and inhabitants of this vast territory together. We mobilize, connect and march, to resist the different forms of violence and build a supportive and nonviolent society.
The World Association without Wars and Violence, promotes this Latin American March.

Declaration prior to registration

I give my adhesion and declare myself a nonviolence dealer, committing myself to:

How to be part of this march?

All those people or associations that wish to commit themselves to create small events or activities during the days that the march will last, just need to click on this participation button and leave your data so that we can contact you via email, so we will specify what is necessary and we can suggest some ideas about the activities to be carried out.

Cheer up and join this Latin American march!