+ Peace + Nonviolence - Nuclear Weapons

Campaign + Peace + Nonviolence - Nuclear Weapons between September 21 and October 2, 2020

In this campaign “+ Peace + Nonviolence - Nuclear Weapons”It is about taking advantage of the days between the International Day of Peace and the Day of Nonviolence to generate actions, add activists and endorsements.

The format of the campaign will be non-face-to-face activities, carried out on social networks (Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Youtube, Telegram, e-Mail, Tik-Tok).

The idea is to involve not only members of World Without Wars or the World March, but also other organizations.

The duration of the campaign will be from September 18 to October 4. 17 days of activities.

It is proposed that all activities begin or end with 1 minute of silence or a short ceremony by Julio Pineda, an activist from Mundo sin Guerras y sin Violencia from Honduras who was tortured and killed in early September.

Coordination meetings on ZOOM: WWW members from 16 countries participated: Argentina, Colombia, Costa Rica, Chile, Spain, France, Guatemala, Honduras, Italy, Morocco, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Nigeria and Suriname.

Actions carried out at the international level

Internationally promoted activities are used, such as the International Day of Peace to perform different actions:

In-person or digital school actions on Peace and Nonviolence such as:

Folding an origami crane for peace, exhibitions of children's drawings in Ecuador, Japan and in schools in Colombia, Guatemala or others.

100 seconds to midnight. Atomic Clock from the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists

Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons - TPNW: There are currently 84 signatories and 44 states have ratified it. We need 6 more countries to ratify it for this treaty to be legally binding. https://www.icanw.org/signature_and_ratification_status

Cities Support TPNW: A call to the municipalities of Chile and Spain to support TPNW. More than 200 cities in 16 countries support TPNW. https://cities.icanw.org/list_of_cities

September 26, International Day for the Elimination of Nuclear Weapons:

  • Presentation of the documentary "The beginning of the end of nuclear weapons" in a short version of 12 minutes. In French, organized by Mohamed and Martina. In Spanish Cecilia and Geovanni are the organizers.
  • Virtual mural by cities / countries. Submit a personal photo with your city / country in the background and a message like No + Bombs! if possible. Send it to Rubén ruben.sanchez.i@gmail.com. Let's keep asking for support with photos.

Mediterranean, Sea of ​​Peace

  • 22/9: Boat trip from Palermo to Trappeto. Topic: Danilo Dolci in his "nonviolent fight" against the mafia.
  • 26/09 Augusta, its nuclear port and its security.
  • 26/9 Latiano (Brindisi) Meeting on nonviolence (via ZOOM) between young people from Italy and Beirut (Lebanon). MSGySV is analyzing a project that would support the city.
  • 27/9 Anniversary of the nonviolent struggle in the 1980s against the installation of nuclear warheads.
  • 3/10 Venice, excursion to the Venetian lagoon (Mediterranean capital of culture but also nuclear port).
  • Trieste (another nuclear port) will have a MUSICALLY WOMAN concert (postponed 3/7).
  • 10/11 Sunday - March Perugia - Assisi. We support internationally from all places.

2 October, International Day of Nonviolence

Book of the 2nd World March and Announcement of the 3rd World March (2024). International launch

Illustrated brochure: A path to peace and non-violence. Editorial Saure

From the 2nd to the 4th of October the International Film Festival for Peace and Nonviolence.

Documentaries / films will be broadcast every day and each day there will be 2 round tables made by striming on different topics related to the main one.

The presence in social networks is being reinforced: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, Tik-Tok and on the websites of World without Wars and the World March.

Campaign calendar + Peace + Nonviolence - Nuclear Weapons

  • Saturday 9/12 - 16h General ZOOM to inform everyone.
  • Sunday 13/9: translation into local languages ​​(English, French, Portuguese, Italian, etc.
  • Monday 14/9 - Press release with the campaign "+ Peace - Nuclear Weapons + Nonviolence"
  • Friday 18/09 - 10h C. Rich Talk "Peaceful Coexistence in Social Networks"
  • Monday, September 21 - International Day of Peace.
  • 22/9 Mediterranean Sea of ​​La Paz. Boat trip.
  • Saturday 26/9: International Day for the Elimination of Nuclear Weapons.
  • 2/10 Friday - International Day of Nonviolence. Presentation of the book 2WM. Launch of the 3rd WM
  • 2-4 / 10 Film Festival on Nonviolence
  • 3/10 Mediterranean Sea of ​​La Paz
  • Saturday 8/10 - 4 pm. ZOOM evaluation
  • 10/10 Saturday - March Perugia - Assisi

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