Launch of the 2ª March in Colombia published

Launch of the 2ª March in Colombia published

The members of the Promotional Team of the March, personalities from the educational, academic and political fields attended. In the first point the presentation of the board was made, following the words of Alfredo Salazar executive of the educational field welcoming. Continuing with the agenda, educator Maryori Chacon presented her opinion ...

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Featured in World March (3)

Outstanding initiatives in the World March (3)

Continuing with the activities in the future of the March, we highlight the cluster of adhesions in educational centers that are being produced in Colombia. They are expressed, for example, in the Murals for Peace initiative, which we already explained in a previous article and which consisted of giving participation to the largest number of students for ...

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Cinefórum on gender violence in Caracas

Cinefórum gender violence in Caracas

The 6 of last September, undertaking the task of promoting the 2 World March, was held in Caracas, Venezuela, a Cinefórum in order to promote it and raise awareness among the attendees. The event was held at the Center for African, Caribbean and Latin American Knowledge, in Caracas. The participating film in Ficnova was watched, “In the…

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