Promote the 2 World March!

Promotion and dissemination videos of the Second World March, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, English

In this article we present the first promotional video of the World March, made by our great Video team.

The title of the promotional video is 2ª World March for Peace and Nonviolence.

10 years after the first edition, the 2 World March will travel through dozens of countries again, allowing convergence between different peoples. Create facts for peace and nonviolence.

In 2009 the First World March traveled through more than 400 cities, 97 countries of the 5 continents

More than 200 thousand kilometers, with the participation of thousands of people.

Now, 10 years later, the Second World March will tour the planet again.

The October 2 will begin on 2019, Nonviolence Day.

And the 8 of March of 2020 will end. International Women's Day.

This second edition will take place in the context of the escalation of global hatred.

The goals set are:

  • Promote that states abandon wars, as a way to resolve conflicts
  • Raise awareness about Peace and Nonviolence
  • Open the future to new generations
  • Promote actions in favor of Human Rights
  • Promote the Nuclear Weapons Prohibition Treaty (TPAN)
  • Progressive reduction of conventional weapons
  • Encourage contact between different cultures
  • Suggest new ways to reduce discrimination
  • Opening the way to the construction of the Universal Human Nation

Promote the 2 World March!

Promotional Videos are subtitled in the following 5 languages:

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