2ª Human Chain of School Children for Peace and Nonviolence

3.500 boys and girls from 8 schools in the city of A Coruña, 26 / 04 / 19 will be deployed along the Paseo Marítimo, between two symbols of the city, from the Obelisk Millenium to the Tower of Hercules.

A human chain it symbolizes an act of human expression, performing a combined act among numerous children to make publicly visible in the street a position, in this case: ask for Peace and Nonviolence on the planet.

This human chain, organized by the association " World Sen Wars and Sen Violencia da Coruña", Is aimed at the educational sector of the city and aims to give visibility to the" 2ª World March for Peace and Nonviolence"That will travel 160 countries (from the 02 / 10 / 19 to the 08 / 03 / 20)

The 1ª Human Chain was made in 2010 and 2.500 had participated at 11 school centers in the city.

Central themes of the 2ª Human Chain

The central themes who wants to discuss the World March for Peace and Nonviolence They are:

  1. The prohibition of nuclear weapons
  2. Non-discrimination of any kind
  3. Nonviolence as a new culture
  4. The creation of conditions for an integrally sustainable planet
  5. The integration of regions and areas with socio-economic systems that
    guarantee well-being and resources for all
  6. The re-foundation of the United Nations

During this activity in April the students of different centers will be deployed through the seafront of the city, filling the area with life and joy and they will go through balls with the shape of the planet as a symbolic and participative act of the attendees.

Participating schools:

  • CPR Calasancias
  • CPR Company of María
  • CPR Slaves of the Sacred Heart
  • Salesian CPR
  • CPR Santo Domingo
  • CEIP Salgado Torres
  • CEIP of Zalaeta
  • CEE Aspronaga

Collaborating institutions:

  • Department of Education City Council of A Coruña
  • Provincial Council A Coruña


Further information: coruna@theworldmarch.org

Event on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/421482851731886/

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