Types of coordination ➤ seen at the World March Meeting

World Coordination Meeting of the II World March for Peace and Nonviolence

The 20 of April of 2019 was celebrated by virtual means, using the program of videoconferences ZOOM an analysis of the types of coordination by country at the first meeting of the II World March for Peace and Nonviolence.

A total of 44 countries participated in the connection nodes and / or sent reports.

The following types of coordination were discussed at the meeting:

  • Situation of the countries and precision in calendars.
  • Miscellaneous: Web, Telegram, RRSS, etc.
  • Next virtual meeting.

Participants of nodes and / or sending reports of:

  • Europe: Spain, Germany, Ireland, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Slovenia, Bosnia H, Croatia, Serbia, Greece, Italy and Vatican.
  • Africa: Morocco, Mauritania, Senegal, Gambia, Mali, Benin, Togo, Nigeria, DR Congo.
  • America: Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Belize, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Suriname, Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile.
  • Asia, Oceania and Australia: Iraq, Japan, Nepal, India, Australia.

Total: 44 countries.

It aims to have activities initially in 75 countries with 193 cities.

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3 America: 22 countries - 85 cities

Spain: Madrid-Sevilla-Málaga-Cádiz

First World Coordination Meeting - Madrid
El LAUNCH OF THE 2ª World March the 23 or 24 of September will be held in Madrid.

The Room for the Press Conference can be that of the Cibeles Building or that of the Bakery House. Duration of 12 to 14 (2h).

Mobility support for the tour of a Bicycle Circuit to support the 2ª World March on the 28 in September.

(EBA) They leave the 28 / 9 to the 11s from Legazpi and go through the district of Arganzuela, as they have done in other years.


The 28 or the 29 of September: EVA-Espacio Vecinal de Arganzuela

Musical / cultural / gastronomic day with groups from different regions of the world (there are African and South American groups).

Between the 2 and the 8 of October: Human Symbols colleges Spain. International campaign in major cities with different types of global coordination

October 2: Permission to travel from the neighborhoods to the center of the city, starting at 16: 00h:

  • Plaza Atocha - Calle Atocha - Antón Martin - Plaza de la Provincia - Plaza Mayor 1,5 km.
  • Plaza España - Calle Bailen - Calle Mayor - Plaza Mayor 1,4 km.
  • Puerta de Alcalá - Cibeles - Seville - Sol - Calle Mayor - Plaza Mayor 1,8 km.

Facilities for the reception of the Marches in Plaza Mayor or Plaza España or Cibeles

18:30 Reception Marches of neighborhoods. We need a stage for an act and a concert.

19:30 Human Symbol of Peace and Nonviolence. Wide space in the square.

20:00 Video-Home

20:30 Performances of musicians and concert of Small Footprints. Possible names for concert in order of appearance: Of Meat and Bones, Muerdo, Leonor Watling, Rozalén, Ismael Serrano, Jorge Drexler, Langui, Macaco.

21.30 Closing.

From 1 to October 20 (20 days)

Showroom to present the following content:

  1. Photographs and videos of the “World March”.
  2. Videos and Photographs of the “Human symbols in Madrid schools”.
  3. Panels of the “Referents of Non-violence” Gandhi, ML King, Silo…
  4. Exhibitions of Mujeres dos Rombos: “Wounds”, “Look the other way”.

Other planned activities

  • Launch of the OCA Game
  • App of the 2ª World March
  • Educational Unit for follow-up schools of the 2ª World March
  • Possible place to install a statue or plaque commemorating the departure of the II March.
  • We propose the El Matadero space. Preferably over the entrance roundabout, behind the door of the Plaza de Legazpi.
  • If it were not possible, on the plaza of the Skating Rink Madrid Río.

A coruña

2018. Presentation of the World March in As. Neighbors of Feáns, C. Civic Library of Monte Alto, Library of Castrillón, As. Forum Popolis

  • Human Symbol of Peace in the event Camping for Peace and the Right to Refuge.
  • Distribution of brochures of World without Wars on the World March.
  • Screening of the documentary "Tupac Amaru, something is changing" in Bibli. Castrillón.
  • Documentary "Samba, an erased name" in As. Vecinal Agra.
  • Talk - colloquium on Nuclear Weapons at the Castrillón Library.
  • Presentation of the Permanent Councils of Active Non-violence in the neighborhood association Agra. By Ricardo Lucero

2019. Presentation of the World March at the Os Mallos Civic Center

  • Colegio Fernández Latorre (600 students and neighbors), Talk - colloquium “Getting out of violence, a personal and social need” by Philippe Moal.
  • Workshop on Non-violence in the Forum Propolis association.
  • Human Symbol of Peace with reading of the Ethical Commitment Plaza de María Pita (300 students).
  • Approval of the Municipal Plenary of the Motion to ratify the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.
  • Workshop on Nonviolence in the Forum Propolis association.
  • Institutional Declaration of the City Council of A Coruña adhering to the 2ª World March for Peace and Non-violence and declaring the October 2 as Day of Active Nonviolence in A Coruña.
  • Presentation of the World March at the Sphera Academy.
  • Workshop on Non-violence in the neighborhood association Agra.

Upcoming calendar activities

April 26th 2019 Human Chain of Schoolchildren for Peace and Nonviolence on the Promenade with the participation of 8 educational centers and 3.500 students.

types of coordination

  • May 9: Presentation of the World March in the Ventorrillo Neighborhood Association.
  • 6 June: mass convocation to associations of the city in the Sagrada Familia Social Center.
  • 21 to the 23 of June: Stand in Camping for Peace and the Right to Refuge, with workshops on Non-violence.
  • September 5: 2ª massive call to associations of the city in the Ciudad Vieja Civic Center.
  • 2 October: Human Symbol of Peace in the Plaza de María Pita and streaming connection with the start in Madrid of the 2ª World March for Peace and Nonviolence

Proposal of Human Symbols of Peace in the educational centers of the city Máis de 3.500 schoolchildren from A Coruña form a human cadea to demand peace and amosar o seu rexeitamento ás violence.


  • Tax Haven: Action of visibility and denunciation.

Africa: 17 countries - 24 cities


During Martine's tour through the eastern part of Morocco and through the activities organized thanks to Miloud and Azzedine.

Contacts were established with several groups within this framework of types of global coordination, which should lead to proposals for activities (see the report sent in the list).

In a few weeks it will be another trip to Morocco.

Spain: Gran Canaria, Tenerife, Fuerteventura.

October-2019: Passage of the World March through the Canary Islands.

Taking advantage of the passage of the Second World March around here, we are going to promote what would become the 1st Canary Forum of Education for Peace.

It involves involving numerous educational centers and ensuring their continuity.

The interest is that, in the future, it will be a meeting place for all those interested in advancing the eradication of all forms of violence from education.


Nouaktchot, Rosso.

3 virtual meetings have participated.

They are pending to define concrete activities.


Snt. Louis, Dakar, Ile de Gore.

In Dakar, Keba DIOP has contacted three schools and intends to bring them together for a day of Non-violence in which they form human symbols.

The diffusion was carried out in other private schools where a presentation is being prepared.

It also explores the possibility of a concert and a great human symbol of peace.

Other participants: Ndiaga DIALLO Association Diretti humani, Cheikh DIOP, Samba X Théâtre sensibilisation, Papis BADJI.


Martine has begun to spread the project to the young students.


They have participated in a chat. Pending definition of activities on the types of coordination. Mamut Jange

Benin and Togo

A commission for the launching of the Second World March has been created.

This essential work has allowed us to have a very clear vision of the objectives we have set for ourselves:

  • Organize a soccer tournament called “PEACE FOR A BETTER FUTURE.”
    This will allow the teams of Benin and Togo to compete for two months for a twinning of the two countries and raise awareness of the principles of non-violent action.
  • Reach enough schools and organize games. We will plan the steps to attract more people.
  • Sensitize the media so that they dedicate spaces for spreading non-violence and the actions that must be carried out to cultivate peace in the world.
  • Close this tour with a playful activity with invited artists and the realization of peace symbols that will be central to us.

Note: We would like the global coordination of the Second World March to facilitate our work in the field helping us to have:

  • Official documents that we could show if necessary so as not to confuse our approach with a disturbance of public order, since all countries are in tension and the authorities suspect everything.
  • Send a letter to each state to explain the project.
  • Find the necessary equipment to carry out this journey.


With great joy we have welcomed this noble project that we want to be a success.

We would also like the international delegation to visit Benin and Togo.

We are waiting for confirmation to announce the calendar of the different actions decided in this global coordination.


Purpose says that contacts have already been established with the African National Youth and other organizations to jointly prepare an event in Abuja.

It asks for a kind of official document on the types of international coordination to facilitate contact with the authorities.

Democratic Republic of Congo

Lubumbashi Paulin KASANGU.

He has participated in a chat and sent these comments about Congo DRC:

In the Congo, there is no real peace or real war. This is a good base for those who want to build war.

It is also a good basis for us who want to build peace.

With regard to the 2ª World March, people who promise to help materially do not keep their promises.

However, rest assured that the data (written + images) will be sent on a regular basis in at least the city of Lubumbashi.

We hope that other Congolese cities can join us.

Other countries in Africa

Information is sent to the following countries

Tunisia and Ghana

Mozambique: Information is sent to them. Remigio CHIALAUE connected

Kenya: They have participated in a chat. They are sent information: Ben Oko

America: 22 countries - 85 cities

types of coordination

There will be a meeting of the Team Network at the Latin American level of the World March within the framework of the types of coordination proposed here.



Promoter Team: Gabriel Vergara.

In April of 2018 we participated as Second World March in event the Spring of Alternatives.

There we collected interested 40 data (40).

We sent them several emails with information and one person asked for more information and promoted a social game called CONSENSUS about conflict resolution.

We sent invitations to the theater groups of the city and the Periscope Theater agreed to participate.

An invitation with the types of coordination was sent to the majority of volunteer groups in the city.

They have sent emails to several organizations of post-secondary students to ask them to disclose in their media the invitation to organize activities for the passage of the march.

They participated in the march for Earth Day with the message that non-violence is ecological: without wars there are no polluting weapons.

They have distributed flyers among some participants.

A press release is being organized to request spaces and to invite to organize activities for the passage of the march.

On Saturday, 27 / 4 will again attend the Primavera de los Alternativas event to look for contacts.

United States

N.York, Los Angeles. Information was sent

Tribute to M. Luther King Washington. Hélène Park.

United Nations

Reception of the S. General of the UN in N. York.

Event on “United Nations Endorsement”.


Event on the US border Angels Border participated in several chats.

Tribute to the Treaty of Tlatelolco.


City, Antigua, Esquipulas. Mixco,

EP Alberto Vásquez Coordination.

Given that Guatemala is in general elections in the month of June.

Some actions have focused on preparation.

There is a dispute between state agencies, such as the Supreme Electoral Tribunal and the Constitutional Court and the Judicial Branch on the registration of candidates linked to drug trafficking groups.

All this does not help to act with ease in the preparation of the 2ª World March for Peace and Non-Violence in the Country.

Consolidation of the Promoter Team for the March for Peace and Nonviolence.

Alliances between people and organizations have been promoted on the types of coordination to strengthen the promoter group.

We have different sectors represented

Civil Society Organizations, DiverArte, Organizations related to Community Communication.

Also, Student Organizations, and in the National University, Estudiantina of the University of San Carlos of Guatemala, Municipalities like the Municipality of Mixco.

Review of the types of coordination of the Route of the Base Team

Visit to the Department of Quetzaltenango (200 km from the capital city) reactivating contacts to ensure the passage of the Base Team in this municipality.

In the Municipality of Chiquimula, contacts are resumed in order to reactivate actions, take again, for example the Monument to the World March, built at the entrance to the Municipality.

Space where the base team would be dividing to go to Santa Rosa de Copan Honduras and La Paz, in El Salvador.

Actions to implement after the electoral event

Events in educational centers, Symbols of Peace.

Forums, analysis and discussion spaces.

Regional Forum organized by DiverArte.

Compilation and review of documentation.

Identification of the initiative of law presented by the Executive for Guatemala to ratify the Nuclear Weapons Prohibition Treaty.


SP Sula, Tegucigalpa, Peña Blanca, Copan, P. Cortes, San Lorenzo.

Training of school 60 that will direct the construction of the symbol of peace, with children from schools in the border area of ​​Honduras and Guatemala, upon receiving the 2ª World March.

The association of medical students of the national university UNAH and two private universities organize the accompaniment of the 2ª World March, in its tour of Central America.

The municipalities of Omoa and San Pedro Sula, decide to participate in the 2ª World March, with massive mobilization of the population.

Conducting three simultaneous lectures at San Pedro Sula universities on topics related to world peace.

El Salvador

San Salvador, San Miguel, Mejicanos, Santa Tecla.


Leon, Managua. They are receiving information.

Costa Rica

San José, San Pedro de Montes de Oca, Liberia and Heredia.

Organizations working in the Central Promoter Team: Transformation in Violent Times Foundation, Friends for Peace Center.

And they are added, Violence Prevention Unit of the Municipal Police Campaign PAIN-V in 11 Schools and Colleges (So far).

  • Workshops for Teachers and Students.
  • Artistic activities and Human symbols on the International Day of Peace 21 / 9.
  • Celebration of the 2 / 10 day of non-violence and departure of the Second World March.

Declaration of cultural interest of the Second World March by the government

  • Activities During the passage of the Second World March.
  • International Forum on “The Role of Armies in the 21st Century”. (Pending government approval).
  • Activities with 1000 children in the esplanade of the Children's Museum. (In planning).
  • Concert for Peace in the Parque de la Democracia. (In planning).
  • Human symbols with students, in various educational centers and parks in some cities. (In planning).
  • Participation in several programs and press interviews, Radio and TV. (In planning).
  • Conformation of the EPP and meetings every fortnight on Wednesdays in the CAP from the 5p.m.


City of Panama.

In Panama, World Without Wars and Without Violence account Belkis de Gracia that last year held a forum at the Interamerican University of Panama.

Between the end of September and the beginning of October of this year, we will hold a forum in a local university (place, date and time to be confirmed).

Speakers are invited to participate in the Forum: “Culture of Peace, Non-violence, respect for children and nature for a better Panama”, within the framework of the II World March for Peace and Non-violence. They will be able to share with us information about the background and information that they consider relevant about what has been done for humanism and other contributions in reference to the types of coordination.


In Bogota.

Continue work with the 40 schools that supported us in the South American March. Workshops of active non-violence, murals, drawings alluding to the theme, raised flag, stories and writings, symbols of peace in the sector and marches.

The symbol of peace will be organized in the Plaza de Bolívar inviting 5000 people.

Realization of a great concert for peace and non-violence.

Barrancabermeja (E. Promoter in charge Anthony and Melba)

Conference at Unipaz (University) and SENA.

Great march through the city gather 2000 people.

Contact will be made with human rights entities with which they worked in the first march and close with a great symbol of peace.

Invite a member of the Base Team to participate in B / ca at the conference and the symbol.

It is necessary to confirm dates.

Medellín (E. Promoter in charge Elex and Gloria)

Carnival of the culture: all the communes go down to Medellín in comparsas to the march that passes through the city.

Talks at a university about peace and non-violence.

Take contact with government entities, responsible for Human Rights and related.

Cali-Popayan-Pasto-Cartagena-Tunia-Cucuta-Bucaramanga-Ipiales-Armenia-Neiva (10 cities)

In them, marches and symbols of peace will be held in each city.

Contact with schools

Talks about non-violence in universities and institutes.


In Barrancabermeja, it is being organized so that one or two people of the EB participate with them in the activities of the city and in the Kolibri Park.

Andrés Salazar and Marly Arévalo want to propose themselves as part of the EB that leaves from Madrid-Spain.


We will make t-shirts, banners, banners, letters to entities, universities and colleges and what is necessary to spread the Second World March.

There is contact with government entities, Human Rights, foundations and institutions that coincide with the same motivation of peace and active non-violence.


Quito, Guayaquil, Manta

Regarding the possibility of receiving the Base Team of the World March there are 2 cities.

Guayaquil with this participation in the types of coordination

The universities: U. de Guayaquil and U. Casa Grande.

Championship of youth sports clubs.

Some Schools and the Municipality of Guayaquil.

Blanket with these activities

Coordinated with the Pan-American Roundtable.

U. de Manta.

Ecuador-Manta: Recognition to the city of Manta-Ecuador for the closure of the military base.



Message from Venezuela

Here in Venezuela, communications, both by phone and online, in general, are from the terrorist act of the blackout, very unstable.

"I for example“, comments our interlocutor, “I have two weeks without cell communication, or WhatsApp. And so many people".

In any case, we are pending, although we have not done much. There is a lot of noise with the national and international political issue.


Paramaribo They are receiving information.


Recife, Minas, São Paulo, Cubatão and Caucaia.

Promoter team: Gunther A., ​​Marcos R., Jobana M., Régis M., Rosana B. and Vinícius P., Rosana B. and Fernando P.

Activities in the country

We evaluated that the first march had a great impact on the media, large mobilizations in Bahia and Pernambuco.

More than 3 thousand people were contacted by the web and social networks of that moment.

Many of these contacts are being reactivated since the South American march in 2018.

For this second march we will prioritize the work with symbols of peace in schools and events and forums for nonviolence.

Local Promoter Teams

So far we have Promoters Teams of the 2ª World March in 5 cities.

Activities are confirmed in Recife, Minas, São Paulo, Cubatão and Caucaia.

They have not yet been confirmed in Rio.

It is also possible that Curitiba and Rio Grande do Sul have activities.

Support platforms

We have support and adhesion of the spaces of the Cultural Center of São Paulo, of UMAPAZ (Universidade Livre do Meio Ambiente and Paz) and of the Secretariats of Education of Cotia and Pernambuco to carry out activities in gyms and schools.

Various institutions are being contacted, such as: Schools, Universities and Secretaries of Education.

Central Acts

Each city will have a different central act.

The details need to be clarified in each city.

In San Paulo we talked about making an event in the Cultural Center and in Cubatão a Symbol of Peace with 300 students. The estimated central route would be Recife on 03 days to 07 in December, São Paulo from 8 to 11 / dic., Paraisopolis / Mines days 12 to 14 / dec., Caucaia 15 to 18 / dic.This is an initial calendar attempt that needs to be adjusted, cities, places, dates and times can change.

Convergent Routes

We are planning to make student marches that end with symbols of peace in schools, gyms or small football stadiums.

Starting with the 2 in October, we will propose several types of coordination to a series of sports, social and religious organizations that begin to carry out activities prior to the base team's passing, and that, if possible, include converging routes.

Other events

In São Paulo some messengers were with the image of making an exhibition and a conference at Umapaz.

Pressenza and 4V plan to make a series of short videos and programs to disseminate and report the weekly progress of the march. The Convergence of Cultures plans to make cultural acts with immigrant women, with music and / or strong presence in the March of the Immigrants. In Recife there will be workshops and training cycles for students and teachers in the public network.

Institutional support: Until now, it focused more on contacts with education secretaries, municipal chambers and universities.

Social Movements and Organizations that Collaborate and Support

We are in contact with organizations and movements that have supported the 1ª World March in Brazil, such as the Pólis Institute, Sou da Paz, Soka Gakkai, Unipaz and many others.

Some of them have already joined the activities of the South American March carried out in 2018.


We have not yet had time to delve into these issues, but we have solidary accommodation and 4V video equipment that can cover the events, with live transmission of some of them.

Media and Diffusion

We have a list of media to send press releases, 6 or 7 media partners, but it is still necessary to form a team of editors to make press releases and send them with a certain frequency.

We will have Pressenza's writing in SP and the 4V study as support supports for editing materials on the types of coordination

Social Media

It is necessary to reactivate the networks for the 2ªMarcha Mundial Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, web, telegram, etc.

Symbols of Nonviolence and Peace at different scales

So far there are two cities that intend to do so: Cubatão e Cotia.

We are contacting other schools and we intend to make explanatory materials in Portuguese.

Rescuing the contributions to Peace and Nonviolence proper to the country

At first we were exchanging about the contributions of Paulo Freire, Maria da Penha, Augusto Boal, Chico Mendes and Marielle Franco.

Give visibility to conflicts and experiences of interest specific to the country

The subject of police violence and the war against drugs is currently very strong in Brazil, to justify intervention in poor communities and the repression of their protests, mass incarceration, the lack of control of the carrying of weapons, gender violence, the growing hate speech, imprisonment or judicial persecution of politicians and activists opposed to the government and the murder of black populations in the periphery and indigenous people in the countryside.

Strong ideas and topics to be reinforced in the country according to their particularities

Love Will Overcome Hate.

Economy and self-financing

We have not yet been able to detail a budget for the March in Brazil, we will start doing it now in May.

We have talked about a crowdfunding campaign.

Issues, actions or conflicts that may escalate or have repercussions at a regional or global level: Brazil's collaboration with Israel, to purchase weapons.

And the delivery of the military base of Alcantara for the USA.


Tumbes, Piura, Lambayeque (people from Chachapoyas and Yurimaguas arrive), Trujillo, Huaraz, Lima, (15 cities).

The Promotion Team of Peru is formed by Carlos Degregori, Luis Mora, Mariela Lerzundi and Riccardo Marinai.

The Route of the EB will be the route of all the cities. It may have to be divided into several groups.

Contact with institutions

Municipalities (Magdalena, Surco, Miraflores), Cañete Ministry of Education (groups 300 schools), College of Psychologists of Peru, Promoters of Nonviolent Cities, Universities (Ricardo Palma: House of Culture Korihuasi, U. Nacional Toribio Rodriguez de Mendoza, U. César Vallejo), School of Tourism of the National University of Tumbes, Group Tasks of Piura, Regional Government of Lambayeque, Regional Management of Education of Arequipa, Network of Humanist Educators, Culture Group of Yurimaguas.

Materials: In development: poles, banners, banners, ribbons, stickers, brochures, flyers, leaflets.

Note: We have promoters in each city. We are proposing different types of coordination to promote activities at each point. We have a central location in Lima, provided by the Ricardo Palma University.


La Paz, Cochabamba, Santa Cruz

La Paz

The activities were concentrated with the printing and delivery of invitation letters to secondary and primary schools in the Sopocachi area of ​​La Paz. Starting in July, workshops will be held for teachers and students from the same area.


Details of the activities carried out are not yet available.

Santa Cruz

The Silo Study Center began with the dissemination of the activities of the World March. they will start outreach activities in July.


It is in an initial stage of organization, with promoters in 8 provinces: Salta, recently in CABA (Autonomous City of Bs. As.)

Dissemination activities in Parque Lezama, Province of Buenos Aires and in CABA; the rest is contact activity and search for accessions.

There will be two main events in the country

  • Recognition of Mothers and Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo as referents of nonviolent struggle.
  • Tribute to Silo. Both in the process of organization

We already have the Adhesion of the Ministry of Education in Córdoba and the declaration of interest of the provincial Legislature is processed.

A small act is planned for the delivery of the book of the South American March, to Milagros Sala in Jujuy.

We contacted the embassies of Cuba, Venezuela and Bolivia in Buenos Aires, and participated in acts of solidarity with the Venezuelan people in Cordoba.

Encounter-Recognition to the Mothers and Grandmothers of May in Argentina.

Homage to Mario R. Cobos - Silo for his contribution to Non-violence.

P. de Vacas: 2 / 1 / 2020 Celebration of the 10º anniversary of the 1ª World March.


Santiago, Arica, Iquique, Valparaíso

They start having meetings about the types of coordination.

They are interested in how to grow with new people who are integrated into the activities.

They plan to tour all regions of Chile to promote this issue of promoting grassroots groups.

They will support with the production of materials of all kinds that cover the types of organization and actions.

The idea is to integrate people to be able to give continuity to the World March in the next editions.

Also in Chile, to promote support for the TPAN (Treaty for the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons) that has already been advanced with parliamentarians, now extending it to the municipalities.


They will act from a team of scientists who develop research programs.

Oceania-Australia-Asia: 7 countries - 17 cities

types of coordination

New Zealand

Re-connect with the contacts of the 1ª World March.

Recognition of New Zealand as a nuclear-weapon-free country.

Celebrations of the 10º Anniversary of the 1ª World March.


Sydney: Work is underway on organizing a meeting about the WM in Sydney.

Taking into account the possibility of carrying out an action on the beach in the WM pass, like that of the IWM. Decler is responsible for the Promoter Team.

Celebrations of the 10º Anniversary of the 1ª World March.


We will reconnect with the contacts of the 1ª World March


Tokyo, Hiroshima, Nagasaki.

Nailesh traveled to Japan and activated some contacts at the university.

They are also activating contacts of the Mayors For Peace, ICAN and those of the 1ª World March.

Tribute to the victims in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan.

South Korea

We have to reconnect with the contacts of the 1ª World March.

Strip of the two Koreas

We must reconnect with the contacts of the 1ª World March.

Event on the border of South and North Korea.


He will contact you. It is interesting that the 2ª World March passes through China.


There is an intention to contact those who participated in the 1ª World March


Tulsi Sigdel and Kabir Ranjit work as coordinators. Along with 3 Nepali more will be in Madrid the 2 of October 2019.

Magaj Bd Panthi and Sharada Prashad Dhital want to make the Madrid to Africa route as EB.

They are planning between Nepalese 5 and 10 to travel to Madrid at the end of the World March on 8 / 3 / 2020.

In Nepal we are going to organize a National Humanist Forum.

We are working on a Second World March program for schools, universities and organizations to participate.

We see a very positive response possible depending on the types of coordination proposed.

We are planning to do these activities in Nepal

University level meetings in Kathmandu, Banepa, Panauti, Biratnagar.

There will be a discussion between the school in Kathmandu and Kavre.

Humanist Forum (among 50 organizations that has decided with your interest).

Specify before the 1 month the base team activities in Nepal.

Periodic update of Second World March activities in National News newspaper with publications every 15 days.

Brochure and Banner of the World March in Nepali and English.

The activities of the Base Team of the Second World March in Nepal

  • Day 1 - Base Team arrives in Nepal. Informative discussion and rest.
  • Day 2 - World March in Panauti, 9:00 to 11:00, lunch, from 1:00 to 3:00 meeting in the hall of the municipality of Banepa. (Return to Kathmandu)

The Base Team will move to another city if possible.

We hope to realize a march in Biratnagar and other possibilities in cities like Bhaktapur and Kirtipur.

  • Day 3 - World March at Kathamandu City Hall or National Stadium.
    They hope 500 to 700 people from all institutions (school, university and organizations).
  • Day 4 - National Conference (you have the possibility of being in Lumbini with gifts from the national press).
    We will study the possibility of doing the march on the base camp of Sagarmatha (Everest).
  • and Day 5 - Continue the trip to N. Delhi-India.

It would be very good if Sudhir and Nailesh both participate in the Base Team in Nepal

Also from Nepal we would be interested to unite with the Base Team in India.

We are willing to provide lodging and food with transportation for the members of the Base Team.

Tulsi Sigdel / Kabir Ranjit coordinators of Nepal


Kerala, Mumbai, N. Delhi.

We started the activity by making a symbol of peace in a school in Kannur with hundreds of students, and the teachers of that school also participated.

The circle moved along with the song “We shall overcome…” sung by the group of students.

We translate our official material into 'Malayalam' language. I have made color prints of the brochure.

Another important thing was a Promoter Team in the Jannie district. The participation was good and interesting.

He has participated in all the international meetings on the types of coordination.

Our request

  • Let our language “Malayalam” appear on the international site.
  • That our materials and events can be loaded on the website.

Mumbai - India

Responsible Nailesh.

We will contact schools and colleges. NSS 15,000 associates will join the 2WM (Organizations inspired by Gandhi and people from religious organizations).

Contact has been made from Mumbai with Ekta Parishad.

Ekta Parishad. From the types of international coordination of the 2ª World March is in contact with Ekta Parishad and the organizers of the Jai Jagat march.

We have an agreement of types of collaboration. They will support the 2 World March on its way through India and we will support them in Europe.

The points of collaboration on the types of coordination are to be defined in detail.

Event in New Delhi the 30 / 1 / 2020: the anniversary of the death of Gandhi.

Europe: 29 countries - 57 cities

types of coordination


They will act from a team of scientists who develop research programs.


Munich and Berlin.

In February Sandro attended the “Friedenkonferenz” in Munich to announce the 2 World March and we are organizing a popular event in Munich on May 23 to try to publicize the 2 World March again.

The idea is that the Second World March coincides with the “Friedenskonferenz”, on February 14.

The events in Germany could be between the 12 and the 14 in February.

The 12 could arrive in Berlin, then continue to Leipzig (?) Or Frankfurt (?) And the 14 to Munich. Sandro, Monica and Harald are the ones who are moving from Munich.

They look for who can operate in Berlin.

We want to know if there would be connectives with WILPF or ICAN in Germany.

We intend to create a group of some 20 people who in Germany can propose and prepare events.

Attach a list of 7 contacts collected during the Friedenskonferenz:

The Netherlands

You have to activate contacts.


Information is being sent on the types of coordination.


Brussels, Ipres

Visit to the European Parliament.

Tribute to the victims in Ypres Cemetery.


Bordeaux, Lyon, Nice, Toulouse, Ivry sur Seine, Paris.

In Bordeaux, the ACDN collective (Citizen Action for Nuclear Disarmament) is interested in participating in the project.

After the participation of Rafa in the meeting of Jai Jagat Europe, in Lyon, good contacts have been established with MAN (Mouvement pour une Alternative Nonviolente).

There are, in Nice, ongoing contacts with several groups to organize a presentation.

In Ivry sur Seine, in the Paris region, ongoing contacts with the municipality.

The project of the collective Message of Silo "Gravis ton sommet” from Toulouse, contemplates being included in the March, as well as the collective 1001 creators for a joyful education and the association Femmes Internationales, mur brisé (FIMB) with its network.


Geneva. Information is being sent on the types of coordination. There are contacts with Jai Jagat Switzerland.

In Athens there has been a first meeting for the 2 World March with 50 people.

They are translating the brochure into Greek.


The cities of Trieste, Vicenza, Brescia, Alto Verbano - Varese, Milan, Turin, Genoa, Ventimiglia, Florence, Perugia-Assisi, Livorno, Rome, Cagliari, Avellino, Naples, Reggio Calabria, Palermo participate.

We will try to cover the cities of the 1 World March and some others.

For this we propose to divide the EB into two parts arriving in Italy to Trieste the 26 / 2 / 2020 (Trieste is nuclear port, near the Base of the Air Force Aviano with 40 atomic weapons)

East-West Route

Starts in Trieste - Vicenza (US military headquarters Ederle and AFRICOM) - Brescia (near Ghedi Air Force Base with 20 atomic weapons) - Alto Verbano - Varese - Milan - Turin-Genoa (exit Italy 3/3/2020 towards Ventimiglia-Nizza)

North North Route

It starts in Trieste - Florence - Perugia - Assisi - Livorno (nuclear port, near the US military headquarters Camp Darby) - Rome - Cagliari (the largest military shooting ranges in Europe) - Avellino-Naples (nuclear port, Joint Force Command from NATO) - Reggio Calabria - Palermo (departure 3/3/2020 towards Barcelona).

Another possible convergent route

Puglia - Brindisi (nuclear port) to the Middle East (Lebanon) - Cyprus (possible passage on the Green Line) - It is being considered whether to continue to Greece and the Balkans where he will meet with the World Base Team in Rijeka (Croatia), the Capital European Culture 2020 or rejoin Spain.

Base Team

We are trying to contribute from Italy to find participants for the Base Team in order to cover the proposed path even more completely (and not only).

Mediterranean, Sea of ​​Peace

Within the framework of the Second World March we are promoting the “Mediterranean, Sea of ​​Peace” campaign.

Towards the end of October, a boat will depart from Genoa and will touch Nice, Barcelona, ​​Tunis, Palermo, Reggio Calabria, Cagliari, Livorno and events will be organized in the Sea Museums of the different cities.

Mediterranean World, Sea of ​​Peace


Meetings have been held with the Secretariat of State of the Vatican dealing with three proposals on our side:

Mediterranean: Sea of ​​Peace.

The Peace Journey of the Western Mediterranean ending in Genoa that will pass Civitavecchia to bring to the Vatican (or its locations in Rome) the exhibition “Beauty Flower of the Sea”, the photographic exhibition on the flora of the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea.

Your exhibition will be an opportunity for a comparative meeting on the human ecology of the Mediterranean.

It will be an event from the end of October to the beginning of November of 2019.

Vatican City

There will be a greeting to a group of people from the Base Team who travel the world and it is possible to realize a human symbol for peace and non-violence by young people from different communities.

With the presence of a delegation, in which Small Footprints will participate. Expected date: end of February / 2020.

Interreligious conference against war and non-violence

The Second World March in its journey will find different secular and religious realities, gathering experiences, testimonies and people who could meet in the spring of 2020 in the Vatican.

It could be an opportunity to get to know those reference figures about non-violence who do not listen to each other or ignore their non-violent side, like Jesus.

At the end of August of 2019, together with other groups and publics

It could create a moment to be received by the Holy Father (Pope Francis), who will meet with an international delegation (restricted) in which he could give a message to undertake the trip.

We have sent a formal letter to the Secretary of State to specify the types of coordination proposals

  • Reception with the Pope.
  • International Conference on Non-violence and religion.
  • Barcelona 3 / 3.
  • Zaragoza 5 / 3.
  • Madrid 6 / 3 Institutional reception.
  • Madrid 7 / 3 Closing concert of the Second World March.
  • And Madrid 8 / 3 join the demonstration of the 8 / 3 International Women's Day.

It is necessary to re-connect, information has been sent or find contacts in the following countries:

Other countries in Europe

To be determined Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Austria, Luxembourg

Materials to facilitate the types of global coordination and other issues


We have already implemented the website https://theworldmarch.org

With regard to languages, we request to check the level of translation that is carried out in the different languages.

There is the possibility that important documents are on the web with professional translations that must be done in each language.

The list of languages

  • Afrikaans, Albanian, Amharic, Arabic, Armenian, Azerbaijani, Basque, Belarusian, Bengali, Bosnian, Bulgarian.
  • Catalan, Cebuano, Chichewa, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Korean, Corsican, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch.
  • English, Esperanto, Estonian, Euskera.
  • Filipino, Finnish, French, Frisian, Galician, Georgian, German, Greek, Gujarati.
  • Haitian Creole, Hausa, Hawaiian, Hebrew, Hindi, Hmong, Hungarian.
  • Icelandic, Igbo, Indonesian, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Javanese.
  • Kannada, Kazakh, Khmer, Korean, Kurdish (Kurmanji), Kyrgyz.

And continues:

  • Lao, Latin, Latvian, Lithuanian, Luxembourgish.
  • Macedonian, Malagasy, Malay, Malayalam, Maltese, Maori, Marathi, Mongolian, Myanmar (Burmese).
  • Nepali, Norwegian, Dutch.
  • Pashto, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Romanian, Russian.
  • Samoan, Scottish Gaelic, Serbian, Sesotho, Shona, Sindhi, Sinhala, Slovak, Slovenian, Somali, Spanish, Sudanese, Swahili, Swedish.
  • Tajik, Tamil, Telugu, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Urdu, Uzbek, Vietnamese, Welsh, Xhosa, Yiddish, Yoruba, Zulu.

We are finishing the armed phase of the web. After completing this stage we will apply to the topic of RRSS.

Tutorials will be developed for those who collaborate in uploading information.

The web is designed so that sections can be enabled by countries, including cities thus facilitating the types of coordination in different regions.

We have a team to support the assembly and content of the web. We invite interested parties to participate.

Social Media

We aim to activate them and make them more dynamic.


We have 4 information channels from the Second World March on Telegram to inform.

There are only important issues and the history of everything that happened from the beginning is kept, also visible to the new ones who join the channel.

They will have several administrators per language.


We recommend creating a group per continent for quick and current information (eg. They have already worked in Europe and in the South American March).

A guide for the use of the group will be prepared so that it is operational and looking for that it is not saturated, self-moderated with simple rules with 1 or 2 administrators per country.


We try to reinforce the profile we have of the World March on Facebook with this single entry for communication, in order to produce synergy through a unique virtual space that helps to develop the types of coordination.

This will allow that particular events can be summoned in their own places and languages.


We will have an Instagram channel in English to empower the new generations.

Materials: We have the brochure in Spanish how to go translating to other languages.

For the impressions we have to contemplate that a new version will be made in May / 2019.

Next virtual meeting to discuss the following types of global coordination

We plan to hold the next world meeting in June.