Guide for correct writing of contents of the World March

Guide Articles for Press Releases, News, Press Releases

Format of the text

The text must have the minimum possible format, that is, this must be the simplest at the level of design elements. That is, do not use different text sizes. Use only the default text size.

The correct thing is that the text only bears:

  • Bold: to highlight important points
  • Italics: the minimum necessary, for appointments or words in another language.
  • Subscriber lists: they can be numbered or unnumbered. Simple lists, with points or numbers from the 1 onwards.
  • To avoid: underlines, text colors, etc ...

If the text has been written in Word or in Google Docs, it is necessary to convert it to HTML format before uploading it to the web. For this you have to use a tool like this: It puts all the text in Word or Google Docs, and returns the text in HTML. Then that HTML text is pasted in the WordPress HTML editor tab:

Keyword for content writing

This is possibly the most complex of the guide content writing, that is why I am going to propose something as basic as possible and to do it as best as possible. The keyword is a set of between 2 and 5 words that is very notable and is repeated a lot in the article. Example: if the article talks about a “human chain in La Coruña" so This set of 5 words could perfectly be a candidate for the keyword of the article. In fact simply “human chain” could suffice in this example. Generally, the ideal is for the keyword to be something that people usually search for on Google.

How to know if a keyword usually has searches?

Use the Word Tracker tool: (must be put in Territory, Spain) As long as it has results, that is, 10 searches, it is enough. Nor use a word that is too trivial, for example: “peace.” If you can no longer use Wordtracker because you have exceeded your search limit, you can also try Übersuggest.

The ideal is that you have results, but bad results, between 10 and 500 would be ideal. For example: “world march” is adequate, not excessively good because it only has 10, but adequate:keyword-march-world

On the other hand, “peace”, “love”, … are very bad because they have too high numbers, well above 500:


I am aware that sometimes it is very difficult to find a word that fits with these criteria. If you do not find one that fits, nothing happens.

The goal is to put this keyword at least 2 times in the text without counting headlines, or other points that I will comment below. One of the repetitions of this keyword, must be bold.

Titles and Titles

The main title (the one that appears just in the box above) must have between 50 and 75 characters. And you must include the keyword. That's why it's usually a good idea to choose the keyword, looking at the title

It is essential that the text has several titles, at least one 2 level title (2 Title in Word). Ideally, you should have 1 or several 2 level and 3 level holders.

As well It is advisable put a Subtitle in the section below the Main Title that says “Enter a subtitle here”.

The size of the subtitle can be wide, ideally it has 121 and 156 characters, because it is going to use Meta description. further must also include the keyword.

Finally, it must be taken into account that a holder 3 (H3) must have an H2 above and there must be at least 1 holder H2 to always give that hierarchy. H2> H3> H4.

Therefore, if we look at the order of the holders if for example we have these three orders

  • H2 - H3 - H4 - H2 - H4: It would be wrong because an H4 always has to be preceded by an H3
  • H3 - H2: It would be wrong, because H3 always has to be preceded by an H2
  • H3 - H3 - H3: It would be bad because there has to be at least one H2
  • H2 - H3 - H4 - H4 - H2 - H3 - H2 - H3. It would be nice because the hierarchical order is respected.

Finally, the keyword must go, in 1 of content titles (it does not matter if it is in a Title 2 or Title 3).

Links to other websites

Try not to use outgoing links, except 2 per text maximum, although better only 1.

Unless it's an external link to a page with a lot of reputation ** , Wikipedia type, a powerful newspaper or something like that, put in link as NOFOLLOW in the options:

It is important that every article link at some point to another point of the web. If it does not occur where, you can always resort to link to the main page.

For example: “In the last World March, we were able to attend…”

In the internal link, do not put the NOFOLLOW.

** If you do not know if you have a lot of reputation or not, enter and enter the URL of the domain, example “”.

Nap below the 100.000 in Global Rank, then you do not need to put the NOFOLLOW. But if it is above, yes you need to put it.


Before uploading an image simply keep in mind these factors:

  1. The name of the image should be simple, without “ñ” (change the ñ to n), without accents, and if there are spaces, change them to hyphens.
  2. When inserting the image, you must fill in the Title, Alternative Text and Description fields. You can put the same in the three sections.
  3. No image should exceed 1000 px in width.

As well It is necessary to put a Featured Image. If you put an image in the text, do not use the same image as a Featured Image. It is preferable that there is no image in the text, that there is no outstanding image. In the Title, Alternative Text and Description of the Featured Image, it is necessary to put the keyword.

The ideal size for the Featured Image is  960 x 540 or an aspect ratio of 16: 9. The width of the image must be between 600px and 1200px in width.

Youtube videos

Use this shortcode:

[su_youtube_advanced url = "" modestbranding = "yes" https = "yes"]

Simply changing the URL, by the corresponding one.


As an interesting fact, this article fulfills all the requirements for the writing of contents that I have commented here including the criteria of the searches:

content writing

Here I have prepared a downloadable PDF Checklist with the most important aspects to not forget any.