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Peace and Nonviolence Week, Jujuy

Jujuy, Argentina Jujui

Beginning of the Peace and Nonviolence Week. It will work in several schools with a proposal for meditation with Tibetan bowls and subsequent written experience.

Cinema Forum for children, Fiumicello

Bison Complex, Fiumicelo Villa Vicentina Via Gramsci, 8, Fiumicelo Villa Vicentina

Cinema Forum for children "La vita mia vita da zucchina".

Party for Non-Violence, Cádiz

Castle of Santa Catalina, Cádiz Castle of Santa Catalina, Cádiz

Party for Non-Violence ", inside the Castle of Santa Catalina. It will be an Open Party. OPEN MAKE - Micro open to all. Sing, read poem, play guitar, dance, theatrical, say what your Association does, tell us about that you do. If you want to participate, just send us a Whatsaap, to organize the order of the act.