The 3rd Marcia Mondiale per la Pace e la Nonviolenza will begin on 2.10.2024, 82 giorni to start


To denounce the perilous situation in the world characterized by growing conflicts, to create knowledge, to value positive actions, to give voice to all new generations and to the culture of non-violence.


With the precedent of the 1st Marcia Mondiale 2009-2010, which for 93 days has covered 97 countries and five continents.

The third Marcia Mondiale for Peace and Nonviolence is planned for 2024 and 2025.

When I dove

The 3rd MM will begin in San José de Costa Rica, on October 2, 2024, International Day of Nonviolence.

It will cross 5 continents and will conclude in San José de Costa Rica on 5 January 2025.

Last news

The 3rd MM will begin in San José, in Costa Rica, il 2 October 2024, Giornata internazionale della nonviolenza, quindici anni dopo la 1ª MM.

Will you participate?

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Promoter Committee

If formed from the azioni and projects of the social base.

Piattaforme d'appoggio

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International coordination

To coordinate initiatives, calendars and percorsi

Qualcosa su di noi​

In front of all the apparent regression of humanity, it is urgent to feel and strengthen the voice of the color that, on this continent, is a world without war and violence. Therefore, we invited you to join us at the 3rd Marcia Mondiale for the Peace and Nonviolence (3MM), five years ago the 2nd Marcia Mondiale (2019-2020) that has taken a journey of 159 days, and 15 years since the 1st Marcia Mondiale for Peace and Nonviolence (3rd Marcia Mondiale) which in 2009-2010, for 93 days, crossed 97 Paesi of the five continents.

More than 2.000 organizations have participated in all of the preceding events.

We hope to share this edition! We share with everyone, and group and present the public and private istituzioni that we are manifesting and demonstrating with the loro azioni il loro impegno per la peace, la nonviolenza and gli altri temi centrali della Terza Marcia Mondiale.