America prepares the World March

The American continent is preparing for the 2 World March for Peace and Nonviolence
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After his departure from Dakar on October 27 from 2019, the March It will cross the Atlantic Ocean and reach the American continent entering New York on October 29.

Subsequently, the November 23 will go to Central America through San José de Costa Rica; the November 28 entering Bogotá through South America.



A tribute to ML King was held in Hélène Park.

The Base Team will pass through New York and San Francisco.

A visit to the United Nations is being scheduled for a possible reception by the Secretary General.

Also, the presentation of the documentary “The beginning of the end of nuclear weapons"

Through the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean, a line of work for collaboration and confluence has been opened within the framework of the United Nations 2030 agenda.

Contact with the Sec. General of the United Nations on the theme of the Refoundation of the United Nations and possible macro consultation on the subject during the GM.


He participated in the march for Earth Day with the message "nonviolence is ecological: without wars there are no polluting weapons."

A press release is being organized to request spaces in which to make the invitation to organize activities for the passage of the march.

On Saturday 27 / 4 we attended the Spring of the Alternatives event to find contacts.


They invited the World March to participate in the Summit of the Nobel Peace Prizes to be held in Mérida on 17 and 23 on September 2019.

During the Base Team visit, there will be an event on the border with the United States and a Tribute to the Treaty of Tlatelolco.



Alliances have been made between people and organizations to strengthen the promoter group, among these there are different sectors represented:

  • Civil Society Organizations
  • DiverArte
  • Organizations related to Community Communication
  • Student organizations
  • National University: Student of the University of San
    Carlos de Guatemala, Municipalities: Municipality of Mixco


Training of school 60 that will lead the construction of the peace symbol.

It will be carried out by children of the schools in the border area of ​​Honduras and Guatemala, upon receiving the 2ª MM.

The association of medical students of the national university UNAH and two private universities organize the accompaniment of the 2ª MM, in its tour of Central America.

The municipalities of Omoa and San Pedro Sula, decide to participate in the 2ª MM, with massive mobilization of the population.

Conducting three simultaneous lectures at San Pedro Sula universities on topics related to world peace.


Contacts are being initiated with some Cuban organizations.

El Salvador

They will launch activities from the Andrés Bello University.

Probably in several cities of the country: San Salvador, San Miguel, Chalatenango, etc.

Costa Rica

We present the Comprehensive Action Plan for Nonviolence Campaign to 11 educational centers in 22 in July.

The teacher training plan begins in the third week of July.

Meetings with government authorities, Municipality of San José and Organizations to propose carrying out activities on the topic of Nonviolence.

Meetings every fifteen days on Wednesdays in the CAP from 5p.m.

Celebration with artistic activities, Human symbols of the International Day of Peace 21 / 9.

Celebration of the 2 / 10 day of nonviolence and departure from the 2MM.

Participation in the Labor Day March, distributing flyers and carrying the 2MM Blanket.

Declaration of cultural interest of the 2MM by the government of Costa Rica.

During the march, 27 and 28 in November are scheduled to participate in the International Forum on “The Role of Armies in the 21st Century”.

Activities with 1000 children on the esplanade of the Children's Museum.

Concert for Peace in the Park of Democracy.

Realization of human symbols to the passage of the 2MM and some cultural events of reception.


Last year a forum was held at the Interamerican University.

Between the end of September and the beginning of October of 2019, we will hold a forum at a local university (place, date and time to be confirmed).

Within the framework of the Second World March for Peace and Nonviolence, we are inviting speakers to participate in the Forum: "Culture of Peace, Nonviolence, respect for children and nature for a better Panama".

They may, in this environment, share information they deem pertinent about the actions and contributions and projects in this regard.

South America


In Bogota: Working with the 40 schools that supported us in the South American March.

We will carry out workshops on active nonviolence, murals, drawings, flag hoists, stories and writings, symbols of peace in the sector and marches.

The symbol of peace will be organized in the Plaza de Bolívar inviting 5000 people.

Realization of a great concert for peace and nonviolence.

In Barrancabermeja: There will be a Conference at Unipaz and SENA.

A march throughout the city to gather 2000 people.

Contact will be made with human rights entities that were worked on in the first march.

We will close with a great peace symbol in Kolibri Park.

In Medellin: Carnival of culture, talks at a university about peace and nonviolence.

Take contact with government entities, responsible for Human Rights and related.

In other cities of Colombia: (Cali-Popayan-Pasto-Cartagena-Tunia-Cucuta-Bucaramanga-Ipiales-Armenia-Neiva).

  • Peace marches and symbols will be held
  • Contact with schools
  • Talks about nonviolence in universities and institutes.


In Guayaquil, letters have been sent to 2 universities for forums.

National Colleges that have verbally communicated their adhesion have been contacted.

In other cities such as Manta, Ámbato and Quitó, contacts have also been made.

In Guayaquil : Activities are planned at the University of Guayaquil and Casa Grande University. Championship of inter youth sports clubs. Some Colleges and the Municipality of Guayaquil.

On blanket: There are activities planned for the passage of the 2ª March coordinated with the Pan American Roundtable and at the University of Manta.


Meeting every Sunday with work of personal development and organization of the 2da March.

Diptych has been developed, contacted institutions.

We were interviewed on the radio.

And, in the Forum of Sao Paulo through the Women's Sector, the world march has been exposed.

We continue to contact people and institutions that support the 2da. March.

There are going to be forums with videos to expose the march.


In Sao Paulo - SP: Meetings for the dissemination of the 2da MM and formation of a group of volunteers to participate in the organization and dissemination of the MM in Sao Paulo.

Production of explanatory materials on how to organize the symbols of peace and other activities of the world march in schools and universities.

In Cubatão - SP: Meeting with the Director of Teaching to carry out human symbols in the schools of the region.

On July 22 we had a meeting with 75 directors to carry out human symbols in various schools in the cities of the coast of Santos.

Presentation of the march on July 23, this time for principals and school coordinators of the first years (1º to 5º degree).

There was a very nice positive energy, we are encouraging schools to realize the peace symbol at the launch of the World March, during the week of non-violence from 2 to October 4.

Participation in the 2ª Walk for the Culture of Peace, which will be held in August

In Caucaia - SP: Presentation of the 2º MM to representatives of different religious groups in the city.

Participation in the 2ª Walk for the Culture of Peace, which will be held in August by the Ministry of Sports and Culture of Cotia in collaboration with an interfaith commission.

In Paraisópolis - MG: On August 29 we will have a meeting with all the Paraisópolis schools to inform about the world march and propose activities.

During the passage of the base team, an activity is planned with the children in the Message Room of the silo in the south of Minas Gerais.

Em Salvador - BA: Trip to Bahia to spread the March, contact with the Bom Fim Brotherhood in Salvador, Bahia, with the proposal to create a community of non-violent resistance in the city.

In Recife - PE: The meeting with the Ministry of Education of Jaboatão dos Guararapes took place on July 17.

The 12 of August will take place the Training of the Non-Violence Project in Schools with 30 Schools in the Metropolitan Region of Recife.

In Curitiba - PR: We are planning a visit to the Lula Libre camp.

We try to schedule a visit from the Base Team to Lula to deliver the book of the South American march for peace and nonviolence.


Workshops to prevent and overcome violence with student teachers and mothers in schools in the district of Comas, Lima.

Prevention and overcoming violence in teachers of schools in the district of Cañete.

We have promoters in each city.

We are in coordination to promote activities at each point.

We have a central location in Lima, provided by Ricardo Palma University.


In peace: The activities were concentrated with the printing and delivery of letters of invitation to secondary and primary schools in the Sopocachi area of ​​La Paz.

Since July, workshops for teachers and students in the same area began.

In Cochabamba: Activities carried out at the Universidad Mayor de San Simón during the South American peace march in 2018.

In Santa Cruz: The Silo Studies Center began with the dissemination of the activities of the World March.

Start of dissemination activities in July.


We begin organizational meetings to grow with new people who integrate into activities.

We are planning a tour of all regions of Chile to promote the assembly of grassroots groups.

They will rely on the production of materials of all kinds to cover the actions.

The idea is to integrate people to be able to continue the MM in the next editions.

Also in Chile we are going to boost support for the TPAN (Nuclear Weapons Prohibition Treaty).

Progress has already been made with parliamentarians, now we will expand to the municipalities.

Contact in Chile with the Mexican environment Alicia Bárcenas (ECLAC) that has access to the UN and the governments of the region.

The WOMAD organizer has offered to collaborate with the 2ªMM in Chile with the realization of a mega symbol of Peace.

At the Latin American Humanist Forum of 11, 12 and 13 in May, the MM for America was launched and a conversation at the Teatro del Puente.

We will maintain a chat of the Network of teams at the Americas level of the MM in this July 27.


There are promoters in 8 provinces: Salta, Jujuy, Tucumán, Córdoba, Mendoza, Rio Negro (El Bolsón), Bueno Aires (Tigre and Mar del Plata) and recently in CABA (Autonomous City of Bs. As.)

There will be two main events in the country:

  • Recognition to Mothers and Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo as referents of nonviolent struggle
  • Tribute to Silo. Both in the process of organization

In Buenos Aires: Dissemination activities in Parque Lezama, Province of Buenos Aires and in CABA.

The rest is contact activity and accession search.

In cordoba: The city's Promoter Team was formed and organizational meetings have been held.

The 2MM has already been declared of educational interest by the province of Córdoba

The 2MM has already been declared of educational interest by the province of Córdoba.

The request of adhesion among other institutions to the Municipality and the legislators chamber was presented.

It has been programmed:

  • Work in schools
  • The realization of a mural campaign
  • The screening of the documentary "The end of nuclear weapons"
  • A musical artistic festival among other actions

In Jujuy: A small act is planned for the delivery of the book of the South American March, to Miracle Room.

Project to declare the 1 week of October the week of Nonviolence from 2019

In Salta: The Community for Human Development together with members of the General Directorate of Community Organization of the Municipality presented to the Commission on Human Rights and Constitutional Guarantees of the Deliberative Council the project to declare the 1 week of October the week of Nonviolence from 2019 and the Plaza de la Paz y la Non Violencia is inaugurated.

Making a schedule with activities (1 per month) of dissemination:

  • Cinema debate on The Beginning of the End of Nuclear Weapons
  • Marathon or bike ride
  • Human symbols
  • Closure with a cultural festival.

In Mendoza: In July 19 there was a Workshop Meeting with Social Organizations that adhere to the 2MM.

In the 02 of October there will be Marches from Las Heras to Centro de Mendoza.

Peace symbols of Mendoza School students.

In Punta de Vacas: Celebration of the 10º anniversary of the 1ªMM in 02 / 01 / 2020.

America prepares World March

Despite the economic, social and political difficulties, everyone in their own way tries to participate in the project.

If this is the case, if you wish to collaborate and support these initiatives that are already in progress, you can do so by facilitating the contacts of individuals, personalities or NGOs in the aforementioned countries or in other countries through this email address <>

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