Informative Bulletin – Mediterranean Sea of ​​Peace

Mediterranean Sea of ​​Peace Information Bulletin, a bulletin that was not

This bulletin, which we are calling the Informative Bulletin – Mediterráneo Mar de Paz, is a bulletin that, due to different circumstances, did not exist.

Although one of the bulletins published on the web, number 11, dealt with this project, it did not cover its entire journey.

I believe that the “Mediterranean Sea of ​​Peace” initiative was an act with clarity of images and a force that caused the opening of many minds and many hearts.

Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, not all the activities could be carried out and therefore the tour could not be completed.

Initiatives like this are extremely inspiring for those of us who have our hearts set on transmitting to the world the need for peace and nonviolence as a form of action and, of course, they add to the opening of understanding for those who are not yet completely clear, but they sense that a world without violence is essential and possible.

For my part, I believe that this Europe, whose humanist roots were forged in a Mediterranean, “Mare Nostrum”, which allowed openness to knowledge, human exchange and coexistence between the different distant cultures and others that set foot on its shores, is necessary may he season the food of his spirit again with the salt of Mediterranean humanism and may he be rejuvenated with its strength, its open heart and the breeze of its light.

That is why I hope that this initiative, “Mediterranean Sea of ​​Peace”, takes shape and strength in this 3rd World March that we are preparing.

I thought it was important to contribute to this by offering this newsletter, a summary of what the days of the Second World March by Sea were like.

Tiziana Volta Cormio, member of the International Coordination team of the Mediterranean Sea of ​​Peace project and Lorenza of the Association la Nave di Carta are the creators of the Logbooks that describe the journey of the Bamboo and the activities that were carried out in the ports in which it fell.

We will deal with the activities developed in the Mediterranean Sea of ​​Peace initiative

In this Bulletin we will deal with the activities developed in the Mediterranean Sea of ​​Peace initiative, from its beginning in Genoa, with the intention of remembering that we want ports open to all people, to Livorno, the city where the journey ended and from where the Bamboo headed to his base on the island of Elba.

The 27 of October of 2019 from Genoa starts "Mediterranean Sea of ​​Peace", the maritime route of the 2 World March for Peace and Nonviolence.

As part of the routes of the March, which began on the five continents, the journey of the “Mediterranean of Peace” boat begins from the capital of Liguria, sponsored by the International Committee of the March, in collaboration with:

Exodus Foundation of Don Antonio Mazzi which has made available one of the two sailboats of the Community of the Island of Elba, the association for the promotion of marine culture La Nave di Carta della Spezia and the Italian Union of Solidarity Sailing (Uvs).

On October 27 from 2019, at 18: 00, the Bamboo releases ties and starts the established route. The "Mediterranean Sea of ​​Peace" initiative deploys candles and leaves Genoa.

We begin our journey in Genoa to remember that in the ports that want to close immigrants and refugees, ships loaded with weapons of war are welcomed.

We are at the height of the Perquerolles and on the horizon, a turret.

It must be one of the French nuclear submarines at the Toulon marine base.

On October 30, in advance, the Bamboo docked in Marseille, in the Société Nautique de Marseille, an important place in the city's nautical history.

In the afternoon, we get on the ferry from Marseille to l'Estaque. In the Thalassantè, we have dinner, talk and sing together to sing for peace.

In Barcelona, ​​in the Oneocean Pot Vell port, the Bamboo with its flag of peace shows that we want ports full of ships that welcome and not ships that exclude.

We talk about what is happening in the city and receive Nariko Sakashita, a Hibakusha, a survivor of the Hiroshima nuclear bomb.

On 5, in Barcelona we were at the Peace Boat, a cruise operated by the Japanese NGO of the same name, which 35 has been working to spread the culture of peace for years.

Within the framework of the 2nd World March, with the participation of the “Mediterraneo Mar de Paz”, the March on the Peace Boat was presented.

ICAN organizations meet at the Peace Boat in Barcelona.

Walking for Peace on the boat is very different from walking on a road. Due to bad weather we will pass to the east of Sardinia.

30 miles from the coast, the Bamboo enters silently. We know the bad weather. Finally, on 8 day they call from the sailboat, tired but cheerful.

The section of the March by Sea, the Mediterranean Sea of ​​Peace initiative, continues with its navigation, we see everything in its logbook. And, from land, the contribution to that navigation is also explained.

Logbook, night of November 9 and 10 to 15: On the night of November 9, in view of the weather forecasts, it was decided, in order to maintain the schedule for the rest of the stages, not to head to Tunisia.

Logbook, from land: Tiziana Volta Cormio, tells in this logbook, written from land, how the first maritime route of the World March was born.

The March across the Mediterranean continued after reaching Palermo and ended in Livorno, from where the Bamboo headed to its base on the island of Elba.

In Palermo, between November 16 and 18, we received and were welcomed with joy by various associations and participated in a Peace Council meeting.

Between November 19 and 26 we close the last stage of the trip.

We arrive in Livorno and the Bamboo heads to its base on the island of Elba.

I hope that this initiative continues in this 3rd World March that is already waiting for us and its sails take the necessary air to take the sailboat or sailboats and their sailors to travel throughout the Mediterranean spreading this message of Peace so necessary these days.

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