Singing for Everyone in Aubagne

Organized by EnVies EnJeux, on February 28 in Augbagne, District of Marseille, France: SONG FOR EVERYONE - PEACE AND NON VIOLENCE

On Friday, February 28, 2020, in the framework of the 2nd World March for Peace and Non-Violence, a night of improvised singing was held free and open to all.

This event was organized by the EnVies EnJeux association. Chloé Di Cintio tells us what motivated her to organize this event:

"We recognize ourselves in the intention of the March to connect people and initiatives that carry a culture of peace and the desire to make it grow. EnVies EnJeux accompanies the development of cooperative and non-violent practices with the objective of the full development of individuals. If the historical medium of the association is the game, it remains open to any useful and coherent means in this process. Therefore, Envies EnJeux is pleased to welcome the singing proposal for all, and Marie Prost's skills, in order to support and enrich them with related practices useful for an inclusive group dynamic, and to nurture the confidence of the individuals themselves. themselves and each other. »

A dozen people from diverse backgrounds, many of them without knowing each other, responded to the invitation.

The evening began with the presentation of the 2nd World March and its interest: to give visibility, to gather (virtual or physically) and to invite those who reject violence in all its forms and choose Nonviolence as a coherent response to the current challenge of The humanity.

Marie, who participates in Envies Enjeux and for a long time in the World without Wars and Violence association, then established the link between the virtues of singing (relaxation and elevation of energy, expression and sharing of emotions, etc.) , the particularly inclusive form of Singing for All and All (vocal and corporal, improvised, free, open to all) and the culture of nonviolence.

This was followed by several vocal games and guided improvisations focused on connection, letting go, feeling or musical pleasure. To conclude, we dedicate an improvised song to people affected by violence.

After this beautiful way of meeting and communicating, we continue more traditionally and with equal pleasure, discussing in a shared meal.

Among the participants, a videographer, Lucas Bois, took some beautiful photos and made a video capture, with the idea of ​​later offering this montage to the World March.

Thank you very much to him.

Some testimonials from the participants:

"This moment allowed me to start letting go again without feeling insecure. A lot of time has passed! Thank you very much and I hope to relive the adventure. »

“It was great to sing, vibrate, laugh, dance, move, meet new people with a spirit of peace, without judgments and sharing. I am ready to repeat this experience. »

“They are good times like this. Followed by beautiful encounters. On Friday I discovered "singing for everyone." I love to sing, but I didn't know what to expect ... Singing for everyone goes far beyond the pleasure of singing. I discovered a group of affectionate people, playful techniques, which lead to vocal and mental liberation. It was an unexpected, magical and moving moment, outside of everyday life, that allowed me to escape from my current concerns and connect with others. I hope to relive other beautiful parentheses of sharing like that! »

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