In Korea: Projection and contact with collaborators

Screening of the documentary "The Principle of the End of Nuclear Weapons" and the connection with collaborators.

On 18/1/2020 KOCUN-IDP members invited the Base Team of the 2ª World March for Peace and Nonviolence to attend the screening of the Documentary on the TPAN and to make an exchange on the situation in South Korea and the possibilities of collaboration in the framework of helping to deepen the peace process.

Young students who shared testimonies of life near the Demilitarized Zone in Korea also participated.

The “KOCUN-IDP” is a civic organization and belonging to the NGO Committee of the International Day of Peace at the United Nations.

The committee is the largest grassroots peace network driven by citizens with chapters and affiliates in the state of South Korea.

The “KOCUN-IDP” has the mission of promoting the values ​​of peace

Its main mission is to promote the values ​​of peace and its importance globally or locally.

The main action points of the organization are: acting in the field of diplomacy and fostering dialogue between citizens, civilizations and intergenerations.

KOCUN-IDP participated in the UN headquarters on International Day and last Interreligious Harmony Week (February).

Also at the Japan-Korea Peace Symposium in Nagoya it is a unique event to discuss reconciliation and peace building between Japan and Korea through dialogues between the Knowledge Society of Japan and the Civil Society of Korea.

It also drives the Youth for Peace Assembly (YAP) is the largest intergenerational dialogue platform between the older and younger generation in the Republic of Korea.

The activities program was held at The Eun Deok Cultural center, Gahoe-dong, Jongno-gu in Seoul.

Activities promoted thanks to the related action of the Ethiopian Bereket Alemayehu.

Introduction to the 2nd World March

After an introduction to the World March by Rafael de la Rubia, the documentary “The beginning of the end of nuclear weapons” was screened and ended with an update on the situation of the countries that support the TPAN.

Next, a delegation of young Koreans living near the Demilitarized Neutral Zone gave a conference on the situation, highlighting the blockade and lack of communication between the two zones.

Afterwards, Peace Actions were presented with reports of the World March, KOCUN-IDP by Ryu Hwa-seok and Youth Group.

It ended with a joint meal

Everything ended with a joint meal and exchange between the participants.

Highlight that projects were designed among organizations to collaborate mainly in the educational fields both at the university level and in high schools and schools.

The pass through the Demilitarized Neutral Zone (ZND) could not be finalized because it was temporarily closed due to a health problem.

Note that something has been advanced in the situation because now the ZND is free access to citizens, which 10 years ago, when the 1st World March passed, that possibility was unthinkable.

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Author: Network. Base Team
Photography: Mª Teresa Raez and Javier Romo

We appreciate the support with the dissemination of the web and social networks of the 2 World March

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