Cultural art festival in Arequipa

On December 17, one of the activities following the 2nd World March was a Festival in Arequipa, Peru

On Tuesday, December 17 at 16:XNUMX p.m. a March was carried out in this colonial city that moved along the Boulevard of the City Center towards the Plaza de Armas, after a five-block journey.

Several people from World without Wars and Violence and many people from Arequipa civil society participated in it.

The March was accompanied by an orfeón of the Municipal Police of the city until its completion, in the front of the Municipality of Arequipa.

The Municipality had set a stage

In that place, the Municipality had set up a stage to start the Festival for Peace and Nonviolence that brought together various local artists who animated the event.

At the opening of the festival, the dealers Juan Gómez from Chile and Luis Mora from Peru spoke, who made a description of the second World March for Peace and Nonviolence.

They made known their main objectives and pointed out the deep meaning that the commitment for the termination of wars as a form of conflict resolution, of the absolute prohibition of nuclear weapons and of the end of all types of violence has for the marchers: economic, religious, racial, political and gender.

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