New Jersey for the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons

ICAN is a coalition that works to mobilize people from all countries to have their governments sign a treaty banning nuclear weapons.

The state of New Jersey (USA) has been the last to formally demand the President and Senate of the United States to ratify the TPAN (Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons) by approving the Resolution A230.

The commitment to the prohibition of nuclear weapons

This commitment is in line with that of other capitals such as Washington, the capital of a nuclear state, Canberra, a member state of a nuclear alliance, or Bern, the capital of a non-nuclear state.

Many other capitals and cities such as Berlin, Paris, Baltimore, Dortmund, Düsseldorf, Fremantle, Geneva, Göttingen, Hiroshima, Los Angeles, Manchester, Marburg, Munich, Nagasaki, Oslo, Potsdam, Salt Lake City, Toronto, Trondheim, ... have decided to stand on the right side of the story.

In Spain: Cádiz, Zaragoza, Santiago y A Coruña, for now.

The beginning of the end of nuclear weapons

ICAN's campaign for the prohibition of nuclear weapons developed in "The beginning of the end of nuclear weapons"

The international campaign of YO PUEDO is developed and reflected in the recent documentary "The beginning of the end of nuclear weapons"

The documentary, has been directed by Álvaro Orus for Pressenza, International News Agency on Peace and Nonviolence.

It is an intense and moving graphic document about the need for the prohibition of nuclear weapons and the best technique.

We were able to attend this premiere this month Chile.

Start your promotion in the different cultural circuits in different countries.

"The campaign promoted by ICAN is promoted during the launching ceremony of the 2nd World March for Peace and Nonviolence"

This campaign was promoted during the launch act of the 2ª World March for Peace and Non-violence in Madrid, in November 2018.

The international coordinator of the world march, Rafael de la Rubia, is explained in Chile:

"We must ensure that at the end of the 2 World March for Peace and Nonviolence, we have the 50 countries that ratify the Treaty TPAN".

The text of the campaign is available here.