Latest activities in El Dueso and Berria

Activities of the 2nd World March carried out in the El Dueso Prison and on the Playa de Berria, Santoña (Cantabria) on March 3, 2020

At 12 noon, at the prison school, we gave a talk about the 2ª World March, the New Humanism and Peace and Non-violence.

Then there was a colloquium and exchange around these topics.

Questions were also asked:

  • Do you think society is violent?
  • Do you think he is a consumerist?

When it was over, they interviewed us on the El Penal radio “En Cadena 2”.

Programs and interviews that are "canned" and broadcast on Saturdays in Radio Santoña.

At 15:30 in the afternoon, four members of the Estela-El message de Silo association re-entered (while other comrades who could not enter remained on the beach in Berria) and with the inmates we read a letter sent by the International Coordinator of the World March (To the Inmates of El Dueso Prison), we made a request with our best wishes for “all of us and our loved ones”, for “Peace in the world”… and we started our march inside the prison.

Meanwhile, the compañer @ s did the same for the beach of Berria at the same time, connecting emotionally and mentally.

The next day they interviewed us on Santoña radio:

Writing: Enrique Collado
Photographs: World March promoter team in Santoña

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