Letter in Solidarity with the Colombian people


Monday May 10, 2021.

Given the latest events of violence, repression and abuse of power, of which the protesters of the Colombian National Strike, we strongly declare:

Our support for the Colombian people who oppose the tax reform, as well as other neoliberal policies in favor of large companies, which continues to increase inequalities between classes and in turn, reducing those who have the least, the possibility of access to health care and quality education.

We add to our outrage the request that those responsible for any form of police violence used against the protesters, who, in their deserved right of expression, peacefully protest, be investigated and prosecuted.

There is no reason to justify the repression of popular protest, and even less using armed forces trained militarily, such as the investigated ¨Mobile anti-riot squad¨, which has open causes for apparent homicides, disappearances and violations of the civilian population .

We urge international human rights organizations, the Inter-American Court of Human Rights (IACHR), the Organization of American States (OAS) and especially the reactivation of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC), which had declared since 2014 to the region, as a zone of peace, so that they intervene their good offices and intercede with the Colombian government, understanding that the peace they promote is not only peace among their member states, but must also exist on their part the commitment to promote within each country the human right to peace, the right to protest, freedom of expression and the reduction of the militarization of the police, in order to increase social well-being, quality of life and social justice.

We also urge the guarantor and partner countries of the peace agreement with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia; Cuba, Norway, Venezuela and Chile, as well as the International Courts of Justice, to request President Iván Duque to implement the peace agreement signed by the government of Juan Manuel Santos with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia in 2016 .

To stop the impunity that is maintained in the face of the multiple murders of social leaders, giving the task of managing the investigation and due judicial process to those responsible and to refrain from decreeing the state of internal commotion, which is not justified since The channels of dialogue have not been exhausted, and with which further violations of human rights would be generated, since this resource could be used to legalize authoritarian pro-war actions by the government, such as restricting access to telecommunications, limiting the free circulation of both information and people and arbitrarily imposing authorities and tax contributions.

We unite with the Colombian people who demand social justice and equal opportunities and rights for everyone with freedom of expression without repression and we ask that they do not fall into provocation or allow themselves to be incited, maintaining a tactic of protest nonviolent, recalling the words of Gandhi "Nonviolence is the greatest force at the disposal of humanity." Likewise, we appeal to the hearts of the military so that before obeying an order, they remember that it is their brother who is attacked.

Those in power may have at their disposal the means of communication, military apparatus and economic power, but they will never have our consciences, our faith in a better future, our fighting spirit and our unity as a Latin American people.

We sign the following organizations and individuals:

Name of the Organization / Natural PersonCountry
Coordination Team of World Cup of World without wars and without violenceGlobal World
General Coordination Team of the World Marches for Peace and NonviolenceGlobal World
General Coordination Team of the Latin American Multiethnic and Pluricultural March for Nonviolence 2021Latin American Regional
World without wars and without violence ArgentinaArgentina
Humanist Feminists of ArgentinaArgentina
Unique Student Mutual Association of Argentina Argentina
Nahuel TejadaChaco, Argentina
National Collective OrganizationChaco, Argentina
Antonia Palmira SoteloChaco, Argentina
Norma LopezChaco, Argentina
Omar L. RolónChaco, Argentina
Gabriel Luis VignoliChaco, Argentina
Irma Isabel RomeraCordoba Argentina
Maria Cristina VergaraCordoba Argentina
Veronica AlvarezCordoba Argentina
Violeta QuintanaCordoba Argentina
Carlos homerCordoba Argentina
Emma Leticia IgnaziCordoba Argentina
Edgard Nicolás PérezCordoba Argentina
Liliana D 'RollCordoba Argentina
Ana Maria Ferreira PayaCordoba Argentina
Gisela EtcheverryCordoba Argentina
Liliana Moyano CaballeroCordoba Argentina
Kornelia HenrichmannCordoba Argentina
Celia del Carmen SantamaríaCordoba Argentina
Maria Rosa LuqueCordoba Argentina
Liliana SosaCordoba Argentina
Jose Guillermo GuzmanCordoba Argentina
Marcelo FabroCordoba Argentina
Pablo carracedoCordoba Argentina
Cesar Osvaldo AlmadaCordoba Argentina
Magdalena GimenezCordoba Argentina
Hugo Alberto CammarataCordoba Argentina
Agustin AltamiraCordoba Argentina
UNI.D.HOS (Union for Human Rights) CórdobaCordoba Argentina
Alba Yolanda RomeraCordoba Argentina
Claudia Inés CasasCordoba Argentina
Viviana SalgadoCordoba Argentina
Victoria ReusaCordoba Argentina
Ruth Naomi PomponioCordoba Argentina
Group "Women's Things"Cordoba Argentina
Alba PonceCordoba Argentina
Liliana arnaoCordoba Argentina
Comechingón Sanavirón “Tulián” Territorial Indigenous Community of CórdobaCordoba Argentina
Mariela TuliánCordoba Argentina
Fernando Adrián Schule- Secretary General of the Humanist Party of CórdobaCordoba Argentina
AMAPADEA Association (Mothers and fathers for the right to the family)Salta, Argentina
Ernest HaluschSalta, Argentina
Yolanda agüeroSalta, Argentina
Carlos Herrando - Humanist Party of SaltaSalta, Argentina
Mariangela massaTucuman, Argentina
Alcira MelgarejoTucuman, Argentina
German Gabriel RivarolaTucuman, Argentina
Maria Belén López IglesiasTucuman, Argentina
Javier Walter CacieccioTucuman Argentina
Community for Human Development BoliviaBolivia
Chakana Humanist Studies CentersBolivia
Bolivian Humanist FeministsBolivia
World without wars and without violence in ColombiaColombia
Andres SalazarColombia
Henry guevaraBogota Colombia
New Humanism of BogotáBogota Colombia
Cecilia Umaña CruzColombia
Jose Eduardo Virgüez MoraColombia
World without wars and without violence Costa RicaCosta Rica
José Rafael Quesada Jiménez, Vice Mayor of the Municipality of Montes de Oca, San José Costa RicaCosta Rica
Giovanny Blanco MataCosta Rica
Victoria Borbón PinedaCosta Rica
Carolina Abarca CalderónCosta Rica
Laura Arias CabreraCosta Rica
Roxana Lourdes Cedeño SequeiraCosta Rica
Mauricio Zeledón LealCosta Rica
Rafael Lopez AlfaroCosta Rica
Ignacio Navarrete GutierrezCosta Rica
The Community for Human Development of Costa RicaCosta Rica
Center of Cultures of Costa RicaCosta Rica
Emilia Sibaja AlvarezCosta Rica
Center for Humanist Studies of Costa RicaCosta Rica
World without wars and without violence in ChileChile
Athelehia Center for Humanist StudiesChile
Cecilia Flores AvariaChile
Juan Gomez ValdebenitoChile
Juan Guillermo Ossa LagarrigueChile
Paulina Hunt PrechtChile
Cultural and Sports Center Without BordersVillarrica, Chile
Orange House Villarrica Cultural CenterVillarrica, Chile
World without wars and without violence EcuadorEcuador
Sonia Venegas PazEcuador
Nobodyzhda Díaz MaldonadoEcuador
Pedro Ríos GuayasaminEcuador
Stalin Patricio Jaramillo Peña, Coordinator of the Ecuadorian Peace Road (Peace Road)Ecuador
Hope Fernandez MartinezBarcelona, ​​Spain
Abolitionists BarcelonaBarcelona, ​​Spain
White Tide CataloniaCatalonia, Spain
Francisco Javier Becerra DorcaSpain
Meditate BarcelonaSpain
World without wars and without violence GuatemalaGuatemala
Jurgen wilsonGuyana
Iris Dumont FransGuyana
Jean felix LucienHaiti
Abraham_cherenfant AugustinHaiti
Dupuy PierreHaiti
Alex PetitHaiti
Joseph bruno MetelusHaiti
Paul arroldHaiti-Chile
World without wars and without violence HondurasHonduras
Engineer Leonel AyalaHonduras
Angel Andrés ChiessaSan Pedro Sula, Honduras
World without wars and without violence Biodiversity Nonviolence Milan BresciaItaly
World without wars and without violence TriesteItaly
World without wars and without violence GenoaItaly
World without wars and without violence Gli argonauti della paceMilano, Italy
Tiziana Volta CormioItaly
World without wars and without violence Mediterranean Sea of ​​PeaceItaly
Victor Manuel Sánchez SánchezMexico
lldefonso Palemón Hernández SilvaMexico
Network of Higher Education and Interculturality in the South-Southeast Border of MexicoMexico
World without wars and without violence in PanamaPanama
World without wars and without violence in PeruPeru
César Bejarano PérezPeru
Magdalena Creativa Citizen CollectivePeru
Fernando Silva Rivero of Los Verdes PeruPeru
Stefano Colonna de LeonardisPeru
Jaqueline Mera AlegriaPeru
Mary Ellen Reategui ReyesPeru
louis moraPeru
Madeleine Jhon Pozzi-ScottPeru
Miguel LozadaPeru
The Community for Development of PeruPeru
Current Pedagogical Humanist of Peru (COPEHU)Peru
Center for Humanist Studies New CivilizationPeru
Erika Fabiola Vicente MelendezPeru
Marco Antonio Montenegro PinoPeru
Doris Pilar Balvin DiazPeru
Cesar Bejarano PerezPeru
Collective Citizen Magdalenas CreativaPeru
Rocío Vila PihuePeru
Luis Guillermo Mora RojasPeru
Mariela Lerzundi Escudero de CorreaPeru
Luis Miguel Lozada MartinezPeru
Humanist Network of Social Ecology, Economy and Climate ChangePeru
Jose Manuel Correa LorainPeru
Jorge Andreu MorenoPeru
Diana Andreu ReateguiPeru
Pangea Foundation of PeruPeru
Carlos DregegoriPeru
Orlando van der kooyeSuriname
Rosa Ivonne PapantonakisMontevideo, Uruguay
Latin American Network Walking for Peace and NonviolenceInternational
Network of Native Peoples of the 5th. Latin American Humanist Forum Abya YalaLatin American Region
Shiraigo Silvia Lanche from the Native Peoples NetworkLatin American Region
Spiritual Network: Meaning of LifeLatin American Region

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  1. For a free Colombia, without violence, the rights of the peoples do not have to be violated, by the nefarious right.

  2. Solidarity and justice for all the Colombian people!

  3. I absolutely support the request.

  4. National coordination team of the humanist party of Argentina

  5. For a united Latin America!
    For a Latin America free of violence!
    For a free Latin America


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