Outstanding initiatives in the World March (1)

Three books, three looks that emerge from the World March

With this, we begin a series of articles with which we want to show and describe those initiatives that, within the context of the 2 World March, demonstrate their special social, vindictive and dissemination interest in Nonviolence.

With respect to the 2ª World March for Peace and Nonviolence, different initiatives are being opened for its consolidation, dissemination and management of social impact during its development and after its end.

In this context, we want to highlight today the initiative of the Editorial of Madrid, the SAURE Editorial:

It intends to edit three books with comic format in three languages, related to the 2 World March.

Africa in Madrid and the World March

The first with the perspective of Africa and Madrid and the World March.

Mediterranean Sea of ​​Peace

The second is dedicated to the initiative Mediterranean Sea of ​​Peace.

A ship will carry the sensitivity of the Non-Violence of the 2 World March through the Mediterranean ports stipulated in the trip, where it ends up.

The voice of young people in the World March

And finally, the third one is dedicated to young people.

Which would include the experiences of young people who travel the World March with the Base Team.

Books already edited by the SAURE Editorial, as well as the philosophy of this editorial, can be seen in https://imartgine.com.

On this website where they offer their products, they clearly express their interest committed to social progress:

“Imartgine offers illustrated products that show a better awareness of our environment.

That is why we present products that convey meaning and sensitivity.

They are works that foster creativity, imagination, good taste and beauty.

They incorporate ethical values ​​to preserve the common good, respect, education and good coexistence among members of society. ”

The initiative will be publicized by the 26 publisher on September 2019 in ESDIP.

Santa Engracia, 122, CP / 28003, Madrid, (Rios Rosas metro) at 19: 00.

He will hold a meeting on “Migrations, a thermometer on democratic health"

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