The World March at the Alpe Adria

Presentation of the 2nd World March for Peace and Nonviolence at Alpe Adria on Saturday, February 15 at Café San Marco, in Trieste

The 2nd World March for Peace and Nonviolence 2019-2020 will stop from February 24 to 27 in Alpe Adria, between Croatia, Slovenia and Italy, while this weekend will be in Berlin, Prague, Paris and Vienna.

The World March for Peace in Alpe Adria will be presented to the public and the press in Trieste on Saturday, February 15 at 11 am at the San Marco coffee-bookstore in Via Battisti 18.

The representatives of the promoters of the initiative will participate in the presentation, such as the Municipalities of Umag (Croatia) Piran and Koper (Slovenia) Muggia, San Dorligo - Dolina, Fiumicello - Villa Vicentina, Aiello del Friuli and the Regional Coordination of Authorities Premises for Peace and Human Rights.

Speakers will include the deputy mayor of Umag Mauro Jurman, the Austrian pacifist Alexander Heber, Monique Badiou of the Fiumicello promotion committee, the Cern researcher in Geneva Fulvio Tessarotto, the former director of Psychiatric Services Roberto Mezzina, the group of members of the Ethical Bank with Paola Machetta, the mayor of Aiello Andrea Bellavite.

He has been invited to attend numerous associations that support the initiative, promoted in Trieste by Mondosenzaguerre and without violence and to Danilo Dolci Peace and Coexistence Committee. We also want to thank Coop Alleanza 3.0 for their support.

The World March will stop on February 24 in Umag, on February 25 in Piran, on February 26 in Koper, Muggia / Dolina and Trieste, on February 27 in Trieste and Fiumicello - Villa Vicentina.

On Sunday, February 16, an Internet connection will be made in the morning with protesters and activists from Vienna.

In this video the beautiful service of Tele Koper, which on May 25, 2018 gave a first description of the initiative with special attention to the nuclear ports, Trieste and Koper.

Drafting: Alessandro Capuzzo
The photo at the top represents the human symbol of Peace, made in the Piazza Unità by the participants of the first World March, on November 7, 2009.
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