Camellia from Hiroshima to the Mayor of Muggia

Delivery of the Camellia of Hiroshima to the Mayor of Muggia, the first Municipality linked to the 2 World March.

The start of the Second World March for Peace and Nonviolence is coming, which will begin on October 2 from Madrid.

The Municipality of Muggia was the first in Alpe Adria to join the World March and, as a sign of recognition, Peace Committee activists Danilo Dolci and Mondosenzaguerre brought a Camellia plant to the Municipality today, survivor of the 45 atomic Holocaust in Hiroshima .

Today, September 5, at 12: 00, in the absence of the Mayor, was delivered to Councilor Luca Gandini, with the desire for a speedy recovery for the convalescent Laura Marzi.

The accession goes back to the previous year, when a delegation made up of international spokesman Rafael De La Rubia and Tiziana Volta, coordinator in Italy, visited the municipality of Istria and the Italian community of Koper, to illustrate the content of the March.

The Municipality of San Dorligo della Valle / Dolina has also joined the 2 World March

The Municipality of San Dorligo della Valle / Dolina has also joined the 2 World March, and Mayor Sandi Klun was present at the Muggia meeting.

The surviving trees of Hiroshima, called Hibakujumoku, are living witnesses to the force of nature that goes beyond the incredible devastation caused by the atomic bomb.

After the Fukushima nuclear disaster, an association was founded to collect the seeds and distribute them worldwide as witnesses of Peace.

Now there are 20 countries that have adopted the Hiroshima peace trees. In Italy, the plants are sown by the children of the primary school of Comerio (Varese) and distributed by World without Wars and without Violence, which has paid homage to the city.

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