The clear ideas of children

From the children we receive messages that tell us that we should look together for a common path to Peace

Hours pass, but worries remain in us. The new situation that has been created in the Middle East between Iran and the United States can only stir things up.

We wonder why this is happening. In a world that needs to be reunited after centuries (at least the last three) in which there have been progressive and increasingly rapid setbacks that we still do not know where they will lead us.

To the many words, hypotheses that we hear and read, we receive some images of Tehran: elementary school children trying to create drawings, while feeling and living peace.

Your message is simple and clear. We have to start from them and what they tell us to seek together, in a sincere dialogue, a common path to true Peace.

Significant photographs from Tehran

We received these significant photographs from Antonio Iannelli, the president of the Association "The Colors of Peace".

Founded in 2015 in support of the Sant'Anna di Stazzema National Park with the aim of developing the project that bears the same name.

To date, 200 primary and nursery schools in 116 countries representing the 5 continents have joined the initiative.

In four years, thousands of boys and girls have interacted through their drawings on Peace.

Thousands of children from all over the world participated with their drawings

The collected works are exhibited every year in the National Peace Park on August 12, during the commemoration of the 1944 massacre of hundreds of civilians (including 65 children) by the Nazis.

Some selections are made worldwide. We had the opportunity to meet Iannelli in Rome last September during the presentation of the “Peace Race 2019” event during which the Peace Race Prize was awarded to Rafael de la Rubia (international coordinator of the World March for Peace and Non-Violence).

In his speech, the president of "Colors of Peace" told us that our paths had already crossed in 2018 during the first South American March in Guayaquil, Ecuador.

He concluded his speech with the hope that from now on we will walk together with even more force in the name of the peace that the children ask of us.

Your wish is gradually being granted.

The children's drawings were taken to the Western Mediterranean during the first maritime march we experienced (October-November 2019).

We try to organize an exhibition next week in Korea

We are trying to organize an exhibition next week during the passage of the World Base Team to Korea.

Hopefully during the return to the "free zone" between North and South, where we were already ten years ago during the first World March.

There should be an exhibition in Milan at the beginning of March during the visit of the international delegation of the World March to an air raid shelter, built a few years before the outbreak of World War II to show that all energies were directed at the conflict and not at look for conditions towards peace.

And where do we want to go today?

Children seem to have very, very clear ideas.

Let's hear them!

Drafting: Tiziana Volta Cormio
Photography: Several Authors
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